26 persons bitten by snake in UP village

Bahraich (UP): In the last 10 days, about 26 citizens were bitten by snakes in Chilbila village of Bahraich dist. out of that 1 passed away previously this week.

The human who passed away was detected as Munshi Ram. As of now, scared peasants are claiming that it’s the same snake that was biting citizens. The snake scare has gripped the peasants & some of the of them have even initiated leaving the village.

“Snakes are also biting the cattle awhile this specific female serpent has been targetting the locals of our village,” stated Pappu, a peasant.

The residents are also calling snake charmers to catch the snake.

“This is the rainy season & there have been a huge no. of snakes. We can’t catch all of them,” stated Sharifa, a snake charmer.

Multiple villages within the region are presently waterlogged because of heavy rains & snakes are crawling out in huge numbers.

The primary health center, that is well stocked with snake vaccine, was witnessing a rush of snake-bite sufferers.