3 arrested for murder of Suresh Raina’s relatives: Punjab CM

Chandigarh(CH): Announcing that the complaint linked to the attack on the relatives of Indian cricketer Suresh Raina was “solved”, Punjab(PB) CM Captain Amarinder Singh on Wed. stated 3 claimed members of an inter state gang were detained within the issue.

3 members of an inter state gang, that assaulted the relatives of Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, were detained, Punjab(PB) CM Captain Amarinder Singh stated on Wed..

Raina’s uncle Ashok Kumar & cousin Kaushal Kumar had lost their own lives awhile his own aunt Asha Rani is now in crucial condition in a hospital (3) after the family (4) has been assaulted by a gang of robbers in their own Pathankot home on Aug 20.

Punjab(PB) Director Gen. of Police (DGP) Dinkar Gupta stated that the charged are a part of an inter state gang of robber-criminals & added further that eleven different members of the gang are yet to be detained within the issue.

Amarinder Singh had, after the incident, instructed the constitution of a Special Inquiry Tandem (SIT) to expeditiously inquire the complaint, lodged under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) involving charges of killing, house-breaking/trespassing, & assault in Shapur Kandi Police Station.

As per the DGP, a gold ring, 1 ladies’ ring, 1 ladies’ gold chain & INR 1,530, with 2 wooden sticks, have been recovered from that detained charged. Those detained were detected as Sawan, Muhobbat & Shahrukh Khan.

“On Sep 15, the SIT got info that 3 suspects, who have been witnessed in the Defense Road on the in the morning after the incident, have been residing in jhuggis nearby Pathankot railway station. A raid has been held & all 3 have been captured,” the Punjab(PB) govt stated in an officer announcement.

It stated that the initial inquiry has disclosed that they have been functioning as a gang with remaining & had dedicated multiple such crimes previously in WP, J&K & different parts of Punjab(PB).

The police claimed that the charged had come to Pathankot from Jagraon, where they’d also dedicated a robbery on the night of Aug 14. In Pathankot, 1 Sanju, who understood the region well, also joined them, stated the DGP, adding that the gang held a recee of the region.

“They’d already detected a shuttering shop, where the bamboo ladders have been tied up utilizing chains. The 1st 2 homes where they put the ladders changed out to be a godown & an empty house, awhile the 3rd has been of Ashok Kumar,” the announcement stated.

“5 of the charged entered the home utilizing the ladder from that side of the roof, where they saw 3 citizens cunning on the mats. The suspects hit them on the head before moving into the home, where they assaulted 2 remaining before absconding with money & gold ornaments,” it added further.

It stated that the charged afterwards crossed the high tension power wires using the open ground to approach the canal, where they separated in teams of twos & threes to approach the railway station. They disappeared after distributing the money & jewelry amongst themselves, it added further.