3 rockets hit Baghdad airport

Baghdad: 3 Katyusha rockets landed in the edge of Baghdad Intl. Air port, the Iraqi military stated.

The attack occurred on Fri. in the evening & the 3 rockets have been fired from al-Radhwaniyah region in south-western Baghdad, the media workplace of the Iraqi Joint Activities Command stated in an announcement.

The attack caused only minor damage, the announcement stated without granting furthermore information.

Meantime, an Interior Ministry source informed Xinhua press agency that the 3 rockets landed in the edge of the air port near an Iraqi troops base.

housing US military experts, who’re tasked with training the Iraqi enforces, without causing casualties.

No crowd has till now said responsibility for the rocket attack, however Baghdad air port & the Iraqi military bases housing US army across Iraq, along with the American embassy within the Green Zone, were often targetted by mortar & rocket targets.

Over 5,000 US army were deployed in Iraq to help national enforces within the battles over the Islamic State militants, mostly offering training & advising.