4 of T’gana family found dead under suspicious circumstances

Hyderabad(Hyd): 4 members of a family (4) have been identified passed under doubtful conditions in Telangana (TL)’s Wanaparthy dist. on Fri., police officer said.

The bodies of a lady, her daughter, son-in-law & granddaughter have been identified cunning in various parts of their own home in Nagpur village of Ravalli Mandal.

The demised have been detected as Ajmeera Bee (63), her daughter Asma Begum (35), daughter in law Khawaja Pasha (42) & granddaughter Haseena (10).

As nobody had come out of the home within the in the morning, the neighbors went in only to locate all family (4) members cunning passed. They immediately cautioned the police, that moved the bodies for autopsy & taken up the interrogations.

A police official stated they have been trying to locate in case the family (4) attempted suicide (or) somebody murdered them.

Police identified lemon, coconut & incense sticks nearby body of Khawaja Pasha close to the boundary wall on the rear side of the home. A pit has been also dug within the building.

Police officer said they have been interrogating in case the demises have been linked to witchcraft. The practise of black magic is common in some of the rural pockets of Telangana (TL).