How Accurate Are Smartphone Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart rate results can tell you a lot about your health. That is why it is important to always have your results with you and to update them often. This is especially important if you lead an active life and have intense training. Don’t forget your family history and other factors that affect your health.

However, now you do not have to go to the doctor often to keep records of it. All you need to do is install an app that will provide you with results on a daily basis as well as many other features for this purpose. If this doesn’t seem real to you, find out more about how smartphone heart rate monitors work.

A picture of your health


Did you know how many smartphones can actually tell you about this? You would be surprised how useful this device can be when it comes to health monitoring. Specifically, we mean heart rate monitors that help you better understand the exercises you perform.

They will let you know if you are performing them too intensely or not intensely enough. In that case, it will give you clear guidelines that will help you find balance. This way, you will enjoy its benefits, and you will not overdo it and get physical problems. Of course, this device will be affected by various factors such as the way it is used, the setting of the device, the placement of sensors on the body, etc. That is why it is important to first find out about proper wearing and its use.

Do heart rate monitors tell you everything?


Some people expect too much from hrm sensor. For example, if you thought your device would confirm an activity that you are capable of, you are mistaken. Such things are not possible. Only your doctor can assess whether you can really perform an exercise, but heart rate monitors are a great help.

Using them will surely get you to the answers faster, because they will give you some clear guidelines on the basis of which you can draw a conclusion. It also serves as a tool for motivating and monitoring the intensity of the exercise, and if you notice that things are not as they should be, you will definitely change something. On the other hand, this device cannot give you diagnoses, suggest a way of treatment, prevent diseases and the like.

Your status


During the process of measuring the heart rate using this sensor, you can choose between different statuses. For example, you have the opportunity to decide on different activity levels as well as measurement time. In that case, you will choose the general status, which would be something between not resting and not exercising, and that refers to some daily activities that you perform.

You can also opt for a status that involves preparation before training. Lastly, if you want to measure resting status then it is best to do it a few minutes after you wake up while sitting still. On the other hand, information related to exercise status can be obtained immediately after exercise.

Measuring heart rate with buds


There is another possibility of using smartphones heart rate monitors, and that is through headphones. However, in order to get accurate results, you must adhere to several universal rules.

Otherwise, you will affect the accuracy of the device, which will lead to incorrect results. Either way, try the settings and follow the instructions. You need to adjust them well to make them fit your ears, and you will achieve this by rotating them and discovering how they fit you best. You will also notice that you have placed them well on the basis of automatic sensor activation. They will sound or turn on.

How does the app monitor your heart rate?


There is a great similarity between a real heart rate monitor and an app on your phone. It is a photoplethysmography or detection of changes in blood volume. It works so that the app manages to record every time the movement of blood that goes to the capillaries and faces, and then withdraws. Since the blood will absorb light, this change is monitored using a phone’s camera

How accurate is the app?

Photoplethysmography is a proven practice, but not all apps are the same. There are different models and we cannot guarantee for each of them. That’s why it’s important to learn more about the app before using it for health purposes, because you need one that can be compared to clinical standards. Although apps may not work at the same level as clinical class equipment, many can help you function on a daily basis.

We are sure that it will mean a lot to you to know if you are overdoing your physical activities, movements and at what level you are when reading your heart rate. Another good thing about apps is that they are very easy to use than real devices. All you have to do is download the app and run it. You will use it by touching the camera with your finger and following the instructions indicated in the app.

Most popular heart rate tracking app:

1.Accurate Heart Rate Monitor


Users love this app because it is completely free and gives you no restrictions. All the data you get is stored, but if you have low quality cameras reading can be more difficult. It works by resting your finger on the camera, activating the scan and you will get information in a short time.

2. Cardio


Introducing another popular app that can run on a variety of devices. It supports Apple Health, and you can also choose between face or finger mode. It’s free, but there are bonus build-in workouts that cost a few bucks if you want to unlock them. Scanning can be done using front-facing, selfie, camera.

3. Heart Health Monitor


One of the very reliable app to check heart rate is Welltory App. Although measuring heart rate is stressful, this app helps you do it as fast as possible while the results are 100% accurate. Evidence is a large number of users why this app is on our list. What is a great addition are fitness and lifestyle trends to which you also have access. The app is very detailed and allows you to have a complete insight into your life habits. It will also help you improve your health. For more information about the app, visit


Pulse is relatively easy to measure, but when you have an app you get accurate information that is much more useful. Think of it as an opportunity to have results with you that will mean something to you and your doctor. That way, you will be calmer, because you will know that you care about your health.