10 Reasons Why All Adults Should Take Dance Classes

A great number of people think that dance classes are just something kids do and that you should stop once you get a bit older unless you plan on dancing professionally. However, that’s a very odd stance to take. Why wouldn’t you know how to dance?

You’ll go out and go clubbing with your friends, and you’ll end up dancing. It’ll be a simple two-step, but it will be dancing. Also, you’ll get married, and you’ll have to dance the first dance, so, why wouldn’t you know how to?

Sure, taking dance classes as an adult might be a bit time-consuming and whatnot, but hear us out – you should do it! Why? Well, here are ten reasons why you should take some dance lessons.

1. You’ll Get Some Exercise In

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Spending your days in a chair or in front of the TV is not the way you’re supposed to live. We’re supposed to move around and do physical stuff, yet most of us don’t do it. Why? Well, for most people exercising is boring. Whether it’s lifting weights, running, or doing yoga – people often find workouts boring.

Well, there’s no chance you’ll find a dance class boring. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll also burn quite a few calories. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking ballet, hip hop, or tap dancing – you’ll get a workout in. Trust us!

2. You’ll Work Out Your Brain Too

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Not only will it get your body moving and help you burn off some calories, but the dance classes Adelaide has to offer will also work out your brain. Memorizing the steps and the choreography, staying on the beat, and learning all the different dance combos will keep you sharp and focused for the entire class. And trust us, this is a much better mental exercise than trying to figure out what the next trend on TikTok will be.

3. You’ll Get Rid Of Stress

Can you name a single person that is dancing and is angry and stressed at the same time? We can’t. People that dance are happy and joyful, and even if they were stressed before – they’re not anymore. An adult dance class will get all that stress out of you. You’ll listen to music, you’ll move around and get your heart pumping, and there’s also a good chance you’ll get a good laugh when someone inevitably messes up a choreo or fall down on their behind. Now, it’s all in good fun – you should never laugh at someone to make them feel bad!

4. You’ll Become More Flexible

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You will inevitably work out your body if you enroll in a dance class with Quicksteps, the best dance school Adelaide has to offer, and if that’s not something that will get you going – we don’t know what will. All of us remember the times when we were kids, and we could put our legs behind our heads and do all that kind of stuff. And then, years passed, and we could no longer touch our toes, let alone do something else. What’s even worse is that we’ve accepted the fact that our days of flexibility are behind us. However, that’s entirely untrue. After only a few dance classes, you’ll feel your body loosening up.

5. You’ll Get Stronger

Who doesn’t like to be strong? Everyone does. And, if you think that lifting weights is the only way to become stronger – you’re wrong. You will become a lot stronger if you start taking some of the best dance classes Adelaide has to offer. You’ll work out the muscles you never knew you had, or at least never knew you could use. Trust us. You’ll become twice as strong in no time!

6. You’ll Get Better In Bed

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Some will say that “dancers are good in bed” is a myth – but those people probably aren’t dancers. As we’ve said, taking a dance class will make you flexible and strong, but what’ll also do improve your endurance. And, on top of all that, you’ll get better at moving your body, you’ll become more coordinated, and quite frankly – you’ll feel better in your skin. If that’s not a recipe for a successful boudoir endeavor – we don’t know what is.

7. You’ll Lose Weight

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One of the best things about taking dance classes as an adult is the fact that you’ll get to lose all that extra weight you’ve gained over the years. Sure, getting rid of the belly will take some time, but then again, your belly didn’t appear overnight also, so there’s that. However, you will inevitably lose weight if you watch your diet and you take dance classes regularly. We’re sure you’ll notice the difference after a month or two, but if you make it a whole year – you won’t be able to recognize your body.

8. You’ll Meet New People

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Seeing how you’re not going to take dance lessons from YouTube – you’re bound to meet some new people. The best thing about people you’ll meet in this environment is the fact that they’re good and fun people. Grumpy people won’t come to dance lessons, but cheerful ones will. So, even if dance lessons don’t end up what you expected them to be – at least you’ll make some new friends. In our book, that’s a win!

9. You’ll Discover New Music

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We get really picky about what we like and what we don’t like as we get older – especially when it comes to personal taste. We like these movies, we like this genre of music, we like our toast this way, our steak this way, our beer this way, so on and so forth. Well, if you open yourself up to a new and exciting experience like an adult dance class – you will most definitely discover some new songs you never would’ve otherwise. We don’t know about you, but we like our music, and we want to hear as much of it as we can.

10. You’ll Have Fun

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Unless you’re a living embodiment of Grinch – you’ll have a blast taking adult dance classes. You’ll dance, you’ll listen to good music, you’ll meet new friends, you’ll get a workout in, and you’ll forget about your stresses and worries for at least an hour. Where we come from – that’s called fun!


There you have it. If those ten reasons aren’t enough for you to put on your dancing shoes and join an adult dance class – nothing is. Hopefully, we’ve made you realize just how fun and beneficial dancing is, and we certainly hope you’ll consider enrolling in a dance class.