After a farmer suffered a heart attack, his neighbors banded together to harvest his crops

Lane Unhjem has been within the middle of harvesting his own wheat & canola farm near Crosby, ND when his own combine captured fire.

Within the pressure of the event, Unhjem went into cardiac detain & has been dashed to the hospital (3).

However his own farm is harvested as neighbours, friends & family (4) wasted no time stepping as many as support finish the job.

About 60 farmers in Divide County put their own harvesting on hold to support the Unhjems, utilizing all their own own equipment.

“I talked to a couple of farmers, got (1) their own equipment, & afterwards different citizens just initiated calling & we’d equipment offered from all over the place within the county, & their own labour to go with it,” family (4) friend Jenna Binde informed KFYR.

The crowd utilized 11 combines, 6 grain carts & 15 tractor-trailers to finish harvesting Unhjem’s Durum wheat & canola. Utilizing the power of society, they harvested 1,000 acres in 7 hours.

Those who assisted say letting the Unhjem’s crops go unharvested would have being a big loss for the family (4) & contributing out has been just common sense.

“Everyone knows the Unhjems, & they’re great citizens & great within the society, & it’s just kinda the farming way of personal life, too. You support your neighbour out when they want it, & do not expect anything in repatriate,” Binde informed KFYR.

After being flown to a hospital (3) in Minot, Lane Unhjem is now in stable condition, however his own family (4) states he’s a long road of recovery ahead.

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