American national accepts Islam at the hands Sheikh Al-Sudais

RIYADH: An American domestic embraced Islam in the hands of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz As-Sudais An-Najdi, Riyadh Daily recorded.

As-Sudais is the Chief of the Gen. Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque in Makkah & Masjid Nabawi in Madinah.

Steve, who works within the tourism industry in Miami, ruled to alter his own faith & enter a new 1 by pronouncing his own Shahaadatayn before the Sheikh, a renowned qāriʾ(reciter of the Qur’an).

Main character player

It’s Saad Al-Matrafi, Sheikh Sudais’ translator who performed an important role in leading Steve to towards accepting the Muslim faith.

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Steve, who lived in Abha, the same neighborhood as Sheikh Sudais, met with Al-Matrafi after Sheikh asked & identified out that our neighbour has been an American domestic.

Spreading gifts in Islam

On Sheikh’s suggestions, Al-Matrafi gave him Zamzam, Arabic coffee, & dates as a gift.

The surprised Steve inquired Al-Matrafi regarding the reason behind the gifts.

Al-Matrafi clarified to him the Islamic customs & mutual rights & duties of neighbours. & gift-giving in Islam is encouraged.

 Journey to Islam

After 3 yrs. of studying the religion & spending much of the night thinking regarding Islam, Steve reported Al-Matrafi the next in the hat he’s ruled that he’s prepared to accept Islam.

Al-Matrafi has been elated with joy when he heard Steve’s call. He immediately accepted when Al-Matrafi recommended Steve to take (2) Shahadah within the presence of Sheikh Sudais.

Emotional reaction

Both of them went to Sheikh As Sudais & Steve pronounced his own Shahaadatayn (Declaration of Faith) before Sheikh Sudais with sincerity & conviction.

Thereafter, As Sudais guidelines to host Steve to do Umrah in Makkah & to check the Prophet (peace be upon him) mosque in Madinah as well.