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Amidst Corona Complications, Doctors Deliver Child & Saves Mother

Hyderabad(Hyd): A 33-year-old carrying lady with 33 weeks gestation from Bidar dist. has been just recently dashed to the urgency dept. of Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad(Hyd), with a cardiac detain. The patient, with high blood stress, & altered liver enzymes, had low blood platelet count & pulmonary edema putting her & the fetus’ personal life in risk.

The patient travelled over 100 kilometres from Bidar to Hyderabad(Hyd). The carrying lady has been immediately resuscitated by securing airway using endotracheal intubation within the ER to safeguard her personal life. An urgency cesarean segment has been played to deliver the pre-term baby. The mom, on delivering the child, suffered cardiac detain for the 2nd time.

A tandem of Urgency Physicians, Intensivists, Obstetrics, & Anesthetists participated to the patient right from that starting to give the finest clinical care. As of now both the mom & the child are recovering & are under constant observation & were discharged in a stable condition.

Commenting on this complaint & the reasons, Dr. Sree Sowjanya Patibandla, Sr. Consultant & HOD – Urgency & Trauma Solutions, stated, “The fear of COVID-19-19 epidemic is leading citizens to not check Doctors (or) hospitals even when in an urgency state of health.

It’s this fear-led carelessness, that is leading cause of complication leads to demises; & the Community for Urgency Medicine in India(In) estimated that there is a 45% raise in non-COVID-19-19 preventable took passed instances in Hyderabad(Hyd) hospitals within the mo of Apr & May. Had these sufferers being took to the right hospital (3) in time, their own lives can were saved.

From the time lock-down has been declared within the nation, urgency health-care solutions are working with redefined steps to lessen the risk of infectious diseases transmission. The lock-down has helped in reducing the demises because of road accidents; although, different emergencies like chest pain, paralysis stroke, home accidents like falls, burns, & electric shocks are on the raise. Obstetric emergencies like impending labor, eclampsia, bronchial asthma, COPD are some circumstances that mandate early & relevant intervention that is being ignored leading to severe complications.

Hence, it’s important that sufferers take (2) an reported & medically advised call on checking a hospital (3) (or) not,” added further Dr. Sree Sowjanya Patibandla.

“This patient has been took to our hospital (3) in an senseless state as she has been unable to gain the relevant care even after traveling 100 kilometres. This is a classic complaint of our belief i.e. exceptional clinical outcomes could only be achieved using collaborative clinical practise, teamwork, & a quest for clinical excellence.

We can safeguard the patient even from a greatly crucial state using the coordinated measures of specialists from Urgency & Trauma, Anesthesiology, Gynecology, Neonatology, Blood bank, & Crucial Care. Obviously, the availability of world-class infra-structure plays a key role within the diagnosis & medication of such complex ailments,” commented Dr. Rahul Medakkar.

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