Andhra police first in country to develop ‘chance fingerprints’

Amaravati: The AP police dept. has stood 1st within the nation for identifying & developing ‘opportunity fingerprints’ from offence scenes in a record by this Domestic Offence Reports Bureau (NCRB), stated police.

“The AP Police dept. receives much-deserved recognition as the enforce stood 1st within the nation when it comes to developing ‘opportunity fingerprints’ from that scenes of offence along with identifying ‘opportunity print instances’ for the yr. 2019-2020,” read an officer note by this police.

“The dept. has been successful in developing 9,418 opportunity prints during the period, succeeded by Kerala(KL) in a distant 2nd with 7,687 prints. When it comes to identifying opportunity print instances, AP topped the charts with a gigantic margin of 233 instances with a overall of 512. Punjab(PB) stood 2nd with 279 instances,” it added further.

NCRB has stated that the main responsibility of fingerprint experts is to grow the ‘opportunity prints’ left by criminals in the offence scene & match the same with the fingerprints of well-known criminals.

The record sums that AP police are functioning with fewer fingerprint experts as over the sanctioned number, & in spite of that, it managed to accomplish best than different states.

“In spite of functioning with fewer fingerprint experts as the record suggests, the state standing 1st within the nation in terms of both developing opportunity fingerprints an identifying opportunity prints instances speaks volumes regarding the competence & efficiency of the AP police enforce within the command of DGP Gautam Sawang IPS & CM Jagan Mohan Reddy,” stated ADGP CID, PV Sunil Kumar.

“This recognition is only going to make us work (5) harder towards ending offence & bringing criminals to justice. We’re dedicated to the citizens of AP & going to continue to be so,” he added further.