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Angrezi Meidum Trailer is Out: Hritik Roshan and Varun Said…

New Delhi: Irrfan Khan’s Movie Angrezi Meidum is ready to hit theatres shortly. The movie trailer is out now as per the schedule. Irfan has tweeted his movie trailer yesterday.

Bollywood actors, Hrithik Roshan and Varun Dhawan have reacted to Irrfan’s tweet, “This is so heartwarming. Irfan, my love and prayers are with you” says Hritik.

Angrezi Medium Trailer

Courtesy: Angrezi Medium Movie’s official /Youtube

Angrezi Medium Extended Trailer

Courtesy: Angrezi Medium Movie’s official /Youtube

The movie can be the voiceover of Irrfan and utilizes images regarding the medium. Varun Dhawan and Hrithik Roshan have responded to the message of Irrfan.

Irfan states -“Hello brothers and sisters, Hello. I Irfan. I’m with you now or not. This movie is quite special to me personally. Believe me, I had a desire to market this movie as I have created with love.

But there are a number of guests. They’re having a dialog. Let us see that side camel sits. You’ll be tipped as it happens.

As they say, when life provides you lemon, then you create a lemonade… it seems great to talk, but actually, when life places lemon into your hand, it gets rather tricky to create shikanji.

What’s besides being favorable, your choice. Whether you’re able to create this lemonade, it’s all up to you. So all of us made this movie. I am hoping this movie will make you laugh, teach, make you cry, then laugh. In English, Irfan states Next – see the trailer and Be kind to each other

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