Anupama 4th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama speaks out

Anupama fourth Aug 2024 Written Daily episode, Written Update

The Daily episode begins with Anupama informing failing isn’t unfair, I’ve attempted, what’s unfair in case I failed, who never fails within the globe.

Vanraj requests what’s the want to accomplish the job, when I work (5) & earn amount. She states I didn’t accomplish job for amount, however to make my kids proud, I really know I failed, I’d haven’t failed in case my family (4) supported me.

everybody imagined I don’t deserve this job, I’ve no complains with Kavya, Bapu ji & Mama ji. She scolds Pakhi & Paritosh. Kavya looks in Vanraj.

Anupama requests are you ashamed to call me your mum, because I m less educated, I could’t speak english, I don’t inquire you to regard me Goddess, at the least regard me your mom, don’t I’ve this right, I’ve managed this home from 25 yrs.

I’ve rised you & did all duties, my education never posed any issue & today it does. She states I has been young when my dad passed away, my mum got (1) me wedded shortly, I wanted to research,

Baas’ Saas assured that she’ll make me continue studies, Paritosh has been born & I couldn’t research, I didn’t regret, I’d to rise my kids & manage home,I imagined I’ll balance home & work (5), however I couldn’t, I failed, however I’ve attempted to becomes Anupama from Maa, its a big thing for me.

Samar & Mama ji clap for her. Anupama states maybe Anupama failed, however this mum didn’t fail, you’re my son, I’ll talk in your alliance, not any outsider. Kavya feels bad.

Anupama states I didn’t forget I m your mum, you also don’t forget, none could snatch my motherly rights, I won’t let anybody snatch it.

Kavya approaches her home & gets angry. Vanraj tries to call her. Anupama comes. He claps & states sorry, I forgot to clap, amazing dialogs.

Anupama states I felt bad & informed that. Vanraj states you’ve offended Kavya, I felt bad.

They argue. He states you did error & Kavya got (1) punished, learn to accomplish your work, you must be ashamed, be careful, you just lost the job, you may lose relations. She requests are you glad that I lost the job.

He states no, just my family (4) matters to me. He goes. She cries.

Bhavesh calls Anupama & states its Rakhi tomorrow.Maa requests what’s the issue, why did you go early, is everything fine.

Anupama cries. Maa states sorrow could’t be hidden from mum, tell me, what’s the issue. Anupama states I don’t really know where accomplish I make a error, I fail in maintaining everybody happy.

Maa states its their own error to not watch your measures, 1 day, their own perception going to alter. Anupama requests could this happen. Maa states yes, surely, its Rakhi tomorrow, everything going to be fine.

Anupama states yes, I wish the day gets much happiness.

Its in the morning, Anupama prays & states its a festive day, handle everything. Baa states Rakhi got (1) puja, this silver rakhi for Kanha ji. Mama ji states you’re behaving like humans today.

Baa shows the rakhi for him. She imparts the rakhis for all. Anupama looks on. Vanraj calls Kavya & states I has been so worried, I could’t meet you today, its Raksha bandhan. She states workplace is open today.

He states I really know, however my family (4) is imp, I’ll spend time with them. She requests him to go to his own family (4). She disconnects. Vanraj states phone battery got (1) down.

He puts the phone on charging. Kavya states I really know you’re celebrating with family (4), they’re imp to you, I feel lonely, you’ll know insecurity when I tell you who’s coming tomorrow.

Vanraj gets happy. Anupama smiles seeing him. She drops a flower & applies black dot to his own ft. Samar comes. Vanraj requests why this tshirt on festive day, wear my yellow kurta. Samar requests your fav yellow kurta.

Vanraj states yes, it’ll suit you, when Pakhi & Meenu tie the rakhi, give them as shagun. Samar states gratitude,

I’ve equipped gifts for them, this note is additional. Vanraj states its for you. Samar smiles & sings.

He states this note is dad’s love, I won’t give it to you. She requests him to

purchase something great. She requests him to go to market, Paritosh is on call speaking to Kinjal. He jokes & goes. She gets happy & prays.