Anupamaa 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 13 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (13-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 13th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Anupama after learning car driving from Kinjal.

Emotionally states that she learned a lot from her mother in law/MIL & as of now initiated learning from her daughter in law/DIL.

Kinjal states she must learn her humbleness & purity from her, she’s awsome. Anu states she didn’t know what she stated in English, however it should be great.

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Kinjal hugs her informing she’s so cute. Anu states she’ll develop coffee for her guruji/Kinjal. Kinjal states she’ll develop tea for her MIL. Kinjal moves in 1st with Jhilmil, Samar, & Nandini. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s taunts & moves in.

Vanraj drives car reminiscing Anu driving car staring in him. Toshu angrily looks in Anu & moves far away. Kinjal requests Anu to go out & have some of the new air for some time. Baa comments she must stay far away itself as she doesn’t want her permission anymore.

Anu states she just had come from outdoor & has a plenty of work to accomplish for Dhanteras festival tomorrow. She requests Kinjal to learn getting ready Ghughra from her grand MIL as nobody could make it best than her. Kinjal appeals Baa to teach her.

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Baa requests why must she, afterwards states she’ll. She requests Anu just how could she learn driving without her permission. Anu states she didn’t even say no & she’s learning driving for her & Bapuji.

Baa states her FIL’s work is to read news paper in lawn & MIL’s work to be with her in house, so DIL must accomplish what MIL desires, she’ll not let her accomplish whatever she desires.

Samar visits Nandini’s home & seeing her trying to evident entangled diwali decoration lights kisses her informing she looks cute when she’s tensed, kisses her again informing she gets extra cute when she gets surprised.

Kisses again informing she gets extra cute when she gets nervous. Nandini calls him loudly getting him out of his own imagination & requests to say hi in case he’s come. Samar stammers. She states when he stammers he looks idiot.

Bigger idiot when he stammers, max level idiot when he gets nervous. He states he had come to support her & helps her untangle lights, reminiscing her telling she likes him. Nandini emotionally states.

She’s missing her amma as she habituated to draw beautiful rangoli throughout diwali & develop tasty sweets. He states nobody could replace her mom, however she could celebrate with his own mom in case she desires.

She excitedly gratitude him & afterwards requests just how going to be the diwali with Anu & Vanraj’s cold war. Samar states they’ll manage. She happily hugs him. Toshu takes out diwali lights to see. Anu requests Baa to see ghugra’s sweetness.

Baa taunts to see herself as she’s doing things alone these days. Sweety states papa is not involving in anything as of now a days. Baa taunts that when her mom is not letting him, what going to he accomplish. Toshu reports that Bapuji is coming house tomorrow.

Sweety states she’ll draw welcome rangoli for Bapuji. Baa taunts that Anu going to draw not welcome rangoli for Vanraj. Samar requests Anu why don’t she notify regarding Vanraj & Kavya’s relationship to Baa.

She states she’s standing between fact & Bapuji, in case she moves aside, fact going to wound Baa & Bapuji like an arrow & they won’t be able to tolerate it & question their own upbrinring; she’s worried for Bapuji & he may think its her weakness.

He states shouting when wound is regular, however smiling hiding pain is strength & she’s quite powerful. He states this diwali is weird. She states not weird, various; this diwali is quite special to her as she lit a new lamp of hope.

He gets a sms & excitedly reports that 5 candidates desires to enroll in her on-line dance class. She gets happy hearing that. He states she must have 50 candidates. She states 5 (or) 50, she’ll teach candidates by heart.

Samar happily reports entire family that 5 candidates enrolled in mummy’s on-line class, she’s a professional dance teacher as of now. He hugs Toshu & congratulates him, however Toshu shows his own displeasure.

Vanraj repatriates house, & Sweety reports him same. He warns Anu that he’ll not tolerate dance class in his own home & in case she doesn’t agree, her dancer son has to leave this home, its either dance (or) dancer son in this home.

Anu stands tensed awhile Vanraj smirks & imagines he knows kids are important to her than dance. Next day, Samar reports that cool dude/Bapuji had come house. Bapuji repatriates house with Vanraj & Mamaji.

Entire family happily appreciates him. Bapuji gets emotional seeing his own welcome. Mamaji comments that when Narad muni repatriated house from vanvas, he has been appreciated like this. Bapuji states Ramji repatriated from vanvas.

Baa states he’s her Ramji. He calls her Reena Roy & requests not to cry like Nirupa Roy. She states she wouldn’t have spared him in case he hadn’t got well. He states there is caveat even in her love & states he lost her taunts in {hospital}’s silence.

Baa does his own aarti & takes him in. Sanjay moves in & apologizes Anu for not reporting her regarding Vanraj & Kavya’s relationship. She states her home captured fire & he didn’t notify her regarding it. He states he desired to clarify Vanraj & block him.

She states when thorn pricks foot, 1 feels pain & has to evident it. Sanjay apologizes. She states brothers don’t look great apologizing & appreciates him in Entire family enjoys sitting in garden.

Baa calls steel utensil vendor to purchase utensils on auspicious dhanteras day. Anu suggests her to purchase a flask for Bapuji to store boiled water. Baa agrees & shyingly requests vendor to write “Leela ke wo” on flask as she can’t take her spouse’s name.

Dolly praises Anu’s suggestion. Anu states let’s fix Toshu & Kinjal’s wedding muhurath. Baa states Kinjal’s mom should have gone to purchase diamond, so they’ll speak to her thereafter.

Vanraj fumes thinking just how could Anu fix his own son’s wedding muhurat without his own permission, he’ll set muhurat to cut Anu’s feathers, break her overconfidence & show her real place.

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First episode date: 13 July 2023
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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