Anupamaa 15th December 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 15 December 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (15-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 15th December 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Vanraj Washes His own Hand After Having Dinner & Imagines He Had Proper Meal After So Numerous Days. He Turns & Sees Anu Standing, Requests Towel To Wipe His own Hands.

She States She Didn’t Really know He Has been Coming, Else She Would Have Kept It. He Requests Just how Going to He Wipe Hands Afterwards.

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She States She Can’t Give Him Pallu Like Before & Threatens Him To Keep His own Lies Aside & Enter Home As She Doesn’t Really know Why He Had come Back This Time. He Shouts Anupama. Toshu Moves In.

Vanraj States He Desires To Speak To Toshu. Anu Moves Far away. Baa With Samar Watching This Comments That Daughter Must Be Like Anupama Who Lost Important Relationship Of Her Personal life, Even Afterwards She Didn’t Lose Faith On Relationships & Left Vanraj & Toshu Alone.

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Samar States Mr. Shah Didn’t Accomplish Anything For Mummy Until As of now & Hopes He Does Something For His own Son In Least. Vanraj Informs Toshu That He Knows Rakhi Is An Arrogant & Irritating Lady & Has been Not Happy With Toshu & Kinjal’s Alliance.

So She Has been Just Awaiting For A Opportunity. He States He Knows Just how To Handle Rakhi & Toshu Must Trust Him. Toshu Requests In case He Must Trust A Person Who Left Them; Its Not Rakhi’s Error.

What In case Pramod Uncle Has been In Papa’s Place In The Resort, Baa & Papa Would Have Reacted Same Like Rakhi However With A Best Language; His own Personal life’s Tragedy That He & Kinjal Are Punished For Remaining’ Errors & Affairs. Vanraj Shouts Toshu.

Toshu States He Just Shuts Opponent By Shouting; In case He Doesn’t Need To Hear Fact & Had come For Him, What Going to He Speak With Rakhi, Just how Going to He Face Her, In Truth He Didn’t Accomplish Anything Until As of now Awhile Mummy Did Everything & Even Fixed His own & Kinjal’s Alliance & Knows To Set Things Right.

However He Knows To Spoil The Problem Like Before & Even This Time, So He & Kinjal Has To Accomplish Whatever They Have To. He Moves Far away Thanking Him For His own Worry Awhile Vanraj Stands Stunned.

Vanraj Sees Anu & Requests In case She Has been Hearing Their own Discussion Hiding. She States She Had come In When Toshu Has been Leaving Angrily.

What Did They Speak. He States Toshu Imagines They Can’t Accomplish Anything For Him, So He & Kinjal Going to Accomplish Something For Themselves. Anu Requests In case He Informed This. He States He Fears That Toshu May Accomplish Something Unfair, So She Must Clarify Him Not To Make Any Error In Anger.

They Both Walk Down When Kavya Calls On Landline & Requests Anu To Give Phone To Vanraj. Vanraj Picks Receiver. Kavya Yells That He Locates Ways To Repatriate To That Home, In case He Desired To Repatriate To His own Home, Why Did He Come To Her Home.

Vanraj States He Had come Here For Toshu As He Got Panic Attack, As of now He Is Going; She Must Say In case He Must Repatriate To Her Home (or) See In To A Restaurant. Anirudh Sings Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar..Song. Vanraj States He Got His own Answer & Disconnects Call Informing He Going to See Into A Restaurant.

Anirudh States He Won The Bet. Kavya Imparts Him Amount Informing She Lost, She Could Lose Everything However Not Vanraj, Anirudh Could Take Everything However Leave Her & Vanraj Alone.

Anirudh States Personal life Is All Regarding Perspective, The Place She Is Standing, She Imagines He Is Interfering Between Her & Vanraj, However Where He Is Standing.

He Imagines Vanraj Interfered Between Their own Relationship & He Going to Not Let Any Evil Eye Fall On Their own Relationship, He Won This Bet Today & Going to Win Back Her 1 Day.

Toshu Runs Outdoor Home In Anger. Samar & Nandini See Him Silently. Anu Imagines It Is Not Right To Speak To Toshu As of now & Going to Speak To Him Thereafter. Nandini Informs Samar That Toshu Looks Quite Upset. Samar States Bhai Is Both Angry & Helpless, Here He Is Angry & Kinjal Is Crying On The Different Side;

Mummy Can’t Even Cry Trying To Console Toshu; Love All the time Hurts. Nandini Looking In Her Tattoo States, He Is Right, Love All the time Hurts. He States She Could Distribute It With Him As Mummy States Love Imparts Wounds & Friendship Imparts Medicine, He Going to Just Listen To Her As A Right Friend. She Is Regarding To Speak When Toshu Informs Samar That He Desires To Meet Kinjal Right As of now.

Its Not In Papa & Mummy’s Curb As of now & He Can’t Watch Mummy’s Offend Again, So He Desires To Meet Kinjal Right As of now.

Nandini States Rakhi Aunty Going to Not Let Kinjal Out In This Time. Samar States In case Rakhi Aunty Locates Out, She Going to Call Police, They Could Think Something Else. Toshu Runs Far away Informing In case They Can’t Support, He Going to Locate A Resolution Himself. Nandini Requests Samar To Go Behind Toshu & Imagines Why There Is No Happiness For Lovers.

Baa Sees Anu Doing Something & Requests What Is She Doing. Anu States She Is Tying Toshu & Kinjal’s Called Threads Together To Unite Their own Faiths. Baa Requests Why Is She Uniting Her Faith With Teekhi Mirchi/Rakhi, Hope She Would Have Tied Her & Vanraj’s Called Threads Together. Anu States Whose Hearts Don’t Unite, Their own Faiths Also Won’t; Toshu & Kinjal’s Hearts Are United, So She Is Doing This. Baa Nods Yes.

In The In the morning, Anu Hurriedly Performs Pooja When She Hears Landline Ringing & Picks It. Rakhi Shouts Where Is Her Daughter, She Is Missing From Last Night, She Is Sure She Should Be In Her Home (or) Toshu Would Have Eloped Her. Anu Calls Toshu.

Rakhi States He Has Eloped With Kinjal For Sure, So She Is Coming With Police. Anu Calls Samar & Toshu. Whole Entire family Moves To Her. Anu States Rakhi Named & Informed Toshu Eloped With Kinjal.

Baa Requests In case Nagin Went Mad, Why Would Kinjal Be Here. Anu Gets Worried For Kinjal & Requests Samar To Call Toshu.

Samar Stands Silently & Afterwards States Bhai Has been Quite Upset Last Night & Demanded To Meet Kinjal & After Gathering Her Inquired Him To Go House & Not Notify Regarding Them To Anybody, He Doesn’t Really know Where They Are As of now. Anu Requests Him To Call Toshu.

Samar Tries & States Bhai’s Phone Is Off. Anu Requests Him To Call Kinjal Afterwards. Samar Tries & States Even Kinjal’s Phone Is Off. Anu Stands Tensed. Vanraj In A Restaurant Room Reads Kayva’s Messages & Seeing Samar’s Call Picks It Thinking Even He Needs Dad’s Support As of now.

Samar Reports That Toshu & Kinjal Are Missing From Last Night, So In case Vanraj Could Come House As of now. Vanraj Also Stands Tensed. Anu Requests Samar To See With Toshu’s Friends. Samar States He Attempted Everywhere & Nobody Knows Where Bhai Is. Anu Imagines Where Toshu Should Have Gone.

Vanraj Runs In & Requests Anu In case She Identified Where Toshu Is. Anu States No. He Requests When Did She Locate Out Toshu Is Missing. Anu States When Rakhi Named Her Some time Back. He Shouts She Has been Sleeping & Didn’t Really know Where Her Son Is. Baa Signals Him To Calm Down.

Anu States They Must File Police Case 1st. Bapuji States Bahu Is Right. They All Walk Out & Watch Rakhi With Police. Baa Imagines She Actually Had come With Police. Rakhis Shouts Where Is My Daughter. Entire family Moves To Her, Anu States Their own Kids Missing, We Both Are In Sorrow & Must Really know That Kids Going to Not Repatriate With Their own Shouting. Rakhi Shouts Shut Up. Vanraj States You Shut Up.

Rakhi States Just how To Trust This Entire family, Don’t Really know Who Is With Whom, He Had Gone To An Outsider Leaving His own Spouse & As of now Is Supporting His own Spouse, Why They Are Afraid Of Drama Awhile Their own Whole Entire family Is A Drama.

Anu Requests In case She Going to Gain Back Her Daughter In case She Shouts. Rakhi Shouts Her Daughter Is Missing & Complains Inspector That This Entire family Trapped Her Daughter By Sending Their own Son To A Expensive Coaching Institute.

Vanraj States For The Best Future. Rakhi States Exactly, He Secured His own Future By Trapping Her Daughter, Continues Shouting..

Precap: Rakhi Shouts That This Entire family Who Boasts Regarding Sanskars, Their own Son Taken Far away Her Daughter, Requests Inspector To Detain Anu.

Inspector Blindly Follows Her. Kinjal With Toshu Repatriates As Bride & Groom & States There Is No Want To Detain Anybody.

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Ongoing Updates: 15th December 2024 / (15-12-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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