Anupamaa 22nd October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 22 October 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (22-10-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 22nd October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Vanraj gets worried for Anupama.

Kavya informs him that maybe Anupama had witnessed them together.He requests Kavya to gain out before anything else gets destroyed.

He informs that he could handle his own spouse. He makes Kavya leave in once.Kavya doesn’t know just how to react in such a status.

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That she herself created by unlocking the door. She actually desired someone to witness Vanraj.Her togetherness so that her relationship is no longer hidden.

Kavya runs in a way that a scene gets created by Rakhi. Vanraj is terrified when Anupama doesn’t responds.Baa desires to watch Vanraj & Anupama.

Devika goes to see on her. Kavya doesn’t need Anupama to suffer. She doesn’t really know what step going to Anupama take on getting conscious. Vanraj gets a back ache awhile taking care of Anupama. Devika locates Kavya rushing far away.

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She doesn’t know anything.Vanraj tries to gain Anupama conscious. Kavya hides from everybody & leaves. Rakhi catches her to really know what unfair did she accomplish. Kavya doesn’t need to answer her. Rakhi suspects Vanraj & Kavya’s relationship.

Kavya runs out of the home.Rakhi desires entertainment. She imagines she’ll be detecting a reason to break Kinjal & Paritosh’s engagement. Devika is stunned to watch Anupama senseless. Vanraj takes her support unwillingly.

He didn’t wish Devika to watch it. Devika queries him regarding Anupama’s condition.Vanrah threatens her over shouting. Devika informs him that she’s witnessed Kavya racing far away. She suspects him. She insists him to say the fact.

Vanraj defends himself. Nandini locates Kavya racing & stops her. She lectures Kavya. She desires to really know what had happened.Nandini learns regarding Anupama.Devika shouts to the overall entire family to call them for Anupama’s support.

The entire family runs to watch Anupama. Nandini suspects Kavya. Rakhi gets pleased that her wish got fulfilled. She’s over happy to watch the entire family drama.The entire family worries for Anupama.

Vanraj didn’t wish the entire family to really know anything. They query Vanraj regarding her condition. He fears that his own fact going to come out. Baa queries him.Devika informs that she doesn’t really know anything.

Just Vanraj could tell them the fact. Sanjay & Paritosh suspect Vanraj. Kavya approaches her house & is now in shock. She fears for Vanraj’s entire family knowing the fact. Samar requests Vanraj in case he shouted on Anupama & troubled her.

Vanraj desires Samar to stay in limits.Paritosh requests him to answer what had happened to Anupama. Baa informs that maybe Anupama got exhausted & fainted.Samar & Devika feel Vanraj is hiding something. Rakhi enjoys the drama.

Everybody insists to really know the fact. Vanraj gets questioned.Even his own parents lose his own cool on his own silence. Vanraj informs them that he didn’t scold Anupama (or) wound her, she fainted on her own. He cooks up a post.

He informs that it has been unexpected for him to watch her senseless in the door.He doesn’t need them to suspect him.The kids break down & pray for Anupama’s recovery. Kavya is also witnessed in guilt.Sanjay organizes a doctor for Anupama.

Doctor examines Anupama awhile the entire family is restless.Doctor informs them regarding Anupama’s high BP. She ensures that Anupama going to be recovering, however needs to be monitored.

She informs them that the BP shoots up in case a human gets a big shock. Samar insists Vanraj to answer why Anupama got a shock.Vanraj lies that he doesn’t really know anything. Samar doesn’t need to leave Anupama.Devika requests them to leave.

She desires to be with Anupama.Kavya gets upset thinking Vanraj would be questioned badly by his own overall entire family.Rakhi awaits for the fact to come out. She understands that Anupama has witnessed Vanraj & Kavya together.

Vanraj also sheds tears for Anupama.Devika knows that Anupama’s trust may have got shattered, that led to this trauma.Rakhi desires to leave.Kinjal informs that she’ll stay return to support the entire family. Rakhi feels Kinjal is actually foolish.

Kinjal supports the entire family.Baa desires Anupama to gain okay. The entire family desires to really know the actual issue.Devika gets Kavya’s earring & understands that Anupama has witnessed Vanraj’s cheat. Devika feels sad for Anupama. Anupama gains consciousness & confronts Vanraj for his own cheat.


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Ongoing Updates: 22nd October 2024 / (22-10-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

Episode Timings On TV:

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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