Anupamaa 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 25 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (25-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 25th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Shah entire family is stunned to locate out regarding Vanraj & Kavya’s extra-marital relationship.

Toshu reminisces Vanraj’s lies. Sweety reminisces requesting Kavya to clarify Baa & Bapuji that a boy & a lady could also be friends. Anu reminisces Rakhi calling them to resort & telling they’ll remember this trip forever.

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Rakhi tries to speak. Anu stops her & confronts for making this drama even after knowing that Bapuji is ill, states this resort may be Rakhi’s friends.

However this entire family is hers, kids are hers, Baa & Bapuji are hers; she’ll not let anybody make fun of her entire family ahead of everybody.

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Rakhi states she’s not like Anu who’ll tolerate & conceal her spouse’s extra-marital relationship; she doesn’t care who’s thinking what & doing what, like she stated she’s not like Anu in all; this is all her scheduling. She informs Baa & Baapu that their own bahu has been hiding the fact.

Citizens & employees watching them walk far away. Kinjal pleads her to block it now & debate this topic in house. Rakhi threatens her to leave her & dare not try to becomes her mom, requests just how could she be so blind in love that she ignore extra-marital affairs.

She requests Anu in case she’ll gain her Pakhi wedded in a home where dad is going on honeymoon in place of getting daughter wedded, requests Dolly same & requests in case they could’t, just how could she. Sanjay takes his own daughter far from there.

Rakhi continues & informs Baa & Bapuji that they speak regarding entire family, as of now she’ll tell them fact that their own bahu & beta are hiding; Anu fallen senseless that day after seeing her spouse romancing Kavya in her bed. Their own eyes wide open in shock hearing that. Anu pleads to block it now. Rakhi states when she couldn’t block her spouse, why she desires to block her; Vanraj is actually nice to marry Anu that day & spend suhagraat with Kavya;

she pities Anu who on her wedding night saw her spouse with the other lady; Vanraj is so shameless. Anu continues pleading to block. Rakhi states Vanraj’s extra-marital relationship with Kavya is going on from yrs.; states their own son is on a luxurious spree & booked honeymoon suite in her friend’s resort.

She afterwards informs Toshu that 1 checks entire family before fixing alliance to really know their own role, & from his own dad is characterless, she’ll not marry her daughter to him, pulling off Kinjal’s engagement ring.

She war ns in case he dare to come near Kinjal, she’ll viral Vanraj’s restaurant room’s CCTV footage with a hashtag Vanraj Shah’s extra-marital relationship & loose role.

She requests Baa & Bapuji that they have been so proud of their own sanskar, in case this is sanskar she doesn’t need her daughter to be wedded in their own house. She threatens them to leave this resort now (or) else they’ll have to pay this 5 star resort’s lakhs value bill.

Entire family stands ashamed. Vanraj moves to Baa & Bapuji with bent head. Baa extends her hand, however Bapuji holds her hand & states son created a drama & they’re not cheap like him to create extra drama, so everybody going to repatriate house now.

He moves far away with her. Toshu picks engagement ring looking in Vanraj & moves far away succeeded by Samar, Nandini, & Pakhi. Anu also looks in him & leaves. Kavya informs Vanraj that her personal life’s most beautiful day is spoilt. Vanraj states he needs to go house. Kavya requests just how could he accomplish this to her all the time.

He states Anupama already separated him from Samar & as of now she’ll separate him from his own entire family, so he’s to go house & curb status. She requests what regarding her. He states they’ll debate regarding it thereafter & moves far away, leaving Kavya frustrated.

Kinjal confronts Rakhi & requests why did she accomplish this. Rakhi states for her & any different mom would accomplish same. Kinjal states she made a joke of Toshu & her entire family. Rakhi states that is not her entire family. Kinjal states although Toshu is not her spouse, that is her entire family, Baa is her Baa & Anupama is her her mom. Rakhi requests just how dare she’s to call someone’s mom as hers ahead of her mom, Anu kept quiet to retain home’s security & continue to becomes devi.

even Toshu understood everything & had reported her regarding his own dad’s relationship; in case she desires to becomes a bahu where relationship is finished with entire family’s consent, within the future son might have an relationship & dad going to cover it; they must be thankful to her to expose the relationship.

Kinjal shouts to block it. Rakhi states whatever she say, this marriage won’t happen as of now. Kinjal moves far away shouting she could’t believe this. Rakhi imagines Anupama & her entire family taunted her & her spouse demonstrated attitude.

However she shut their own mouth for once with her 1 act; middle class ladies like Anu conceal their own entire family’s dignity, however today she drew the curtain far away.

Anu repatriates to her room & packing her bag imagines this would’ve happened some of the day, however didn’t think this way; it’s a fine in case a spouse falls in spouse’s eyes, however not parents & kids’s eyes; what going to happen to her kids, parents, & parents.

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First episode date: 13 July 2023
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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