Anupamaa 28th October 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 28th October 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Anupama’s call Pakhi reports Vanraj that Anupama is okay, she’s coming to meet him.

Vanraj is worried to watch Anupama’s anger in her eyes. Anupama sends her kids out. She stares in Vanraj & queries him. She requests him to answer her.

He tries to fool her. He informs that he desires to clarify her the fact. She informs that she desires to really know in case he loves Kavya, in case he actually desired to marry Kavya. He desires to clarify her calmly. She informs him that he’s given her place to Kavya.

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She doesn’t need to lose senses again. She informs that she’s come to senses as of now, she’d trusted him from 25 yrs., she has been unfair. He tries to lie & win her trust. He requests her for a opportunity to clarify.

She taunts him. She informs that she’ll not come in his own words as of now. He requests in case she desires him to plead.

He informs that he didn’t commit any sin. She desires her answer. He informs that he has been so worried for her, he’d backache all night, she’s still doubting him.

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He calls everything an crash, from he has been contributing Kavya, who fallen down. He tries to influence her with the post. Anupama doesn’t listen to him. She gets emotional seeing the picture. He agrees to tell her the fact.

He informs that Kavya has been emotionally weak after having differences with Anirudh. He confesses that he’d an relationship with Kavya, however stopped everything from his own entire family is important to him. He informs the same post that he informed to Paritosh.

He informs that Kavya has been mad to enforce him for marriage, he didn’t mean to deceive him. He requests Anupama to inquire Paritosh regarding it. He informs that she could trust her son.

He informs that Paritosh suspended him from telling regarding this relation, from it has been all over. Anupama informs that his own love drama has been fraud. She queries his own emotions. She knows that he’d proposed her just to cover up his own relationship.

She informs that Paritosh maybe persuaded by his own post, however she won’t. She doesn’t need to forgive him. She requests him in case he’d forgive her in case she’d an relationship.

He turns angry. She informs that he’s lost his own identity & existence in her personal life. He desires to end the issue.He requests her in case she’ll divorce him.

She informs that she’ll decide regarding her personal life. She desires to take the call solely. She deletes the nuptial chain.

She doesn’t trust him anymore. She doesn’t need to ruin the entire family’s happiness by telling his own fact. She requests him to tell his own fact to his own parents.

He requests her where would she go in case she leaves the home. She informs him that the entire family is her globe, she’ll not leave the home. She informs that its her home, not just his own home.

She desires to stand for her self esteem. She doesn’t listen to him. She turns powerful. She goes far from him. She looks for Paritosh. She meets her mum & brother, who pray for her in the temple.

Anupama informs that she got okay shortly due to her prayers. Her mum queries regarding her nuptial chain. Anupama lies that everything is okay between Vanraj & her.

She requests her mum just how did she manage her personal life after her spouse’s loss. Her mum tell that she got strength to manage her kids. She blesses Anupama to all the time be a powerful mom.

Anupama could’t tell her that Vanraj isn’t with her. Anupama desires to stay far from Vanraj & leaves the room. Vanraj’s fact is going to come out.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 28th October 2024 / (28-10-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

Episode Timings On TV:

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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