Anupamaa 3rd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Anupama 3 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (3-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Anupama 3rd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kavya instigates Vanraj Paritosh doesn’t need Samar to gain upset all this time.

Samar requests him why didn’t he circular that Anupama isn’t about throughout his own engagement.

He requests Paritosh to becomes like Vanraj, however not wound Anupama’s feelings. He feels its unfair to ignore Anupama. Baa locates Kavya with Vanraj in each picture.

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Kavya is happy to watch the photos. Baa informs that Anupama isn’t there within the photos, that isn’t a big issue, however Kavya’s presence is a issue.

She informs that she could’t send the photos to any relation as of now, from they’ll query regarding Kavya & Vanraj’s relationship. She desires to really know why did Kavya stand close to Vanraj. She informs the relatives going to query them regarding Kavya.

She desires Anupama to gain some of the sense & circular Kavya taking her place. She feels Anupama has given this right to Kavya. She blames Anupama for creating her embarrassed. Kavya informs that she didn’t accomplish it intentionally.

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Baa scolds her for forcibly accessing the home & snatching Anupama’s place. She informs that Kavya is scheduling to stay with them forever. Kavya doesn’t need Baa to offend her. Baa informs its her home & she’ll decide to block her.

Kavya remarks that its Vanraj’s home, Anupama & Vanraj have given her a shelter. She doesn’t need Baa to query her. Anupama intervenes to block them. Anupama requests Kavya to talk with respect.

Baa requests Kavya in case her parents didn’t teach her great manners. Kavya threatens her to block taunting her parents. Baa angrily desires to throw her out. Anupama rebukes Kavya for shouting on Baa. Kavya feels humiliated when Baa orders her to leave.

She desires Vanraj to come & handle the status. Baa takes Anupama along & informs her to just inquire Kavya to leave. Anupama requests Kavya not to feel bad of Baa’s scolding. She informs Baa that she could’t make Kavya leave in Vanraj’s absence.

Baa feels Anupama is a big fool to have Vanraj’s friend in house. She threatens Anupama that Kavya going to snatch her rights on Vanraj. She requests Anupama to recall just how Kavya had come house in night.

She informs Anupama that she’ll inquire Kavya to leave the home. Anupama gets helpless to inquire Kavya to leave. Kavya informs Anupama regarding pest curb work going on in the workplace. She desires to work from house until afterwards.

Anupama requests her to go to Nandini’s home till Vanraj’s home. She sums that Vanraj going to come & cool down Baa’s anger. Kavya gets upset & packages her bag. Anupama doesn’t need her to take her bags. She just requests her to go for quite a few hours.

Kavya doesn’t listen & leaves the home. Nandini requests Kavya just how did she come, in case Anupama didn’t block her. She praises Anupama a lot. Kavya informs that she’s fed up of Anupama’s drama.

She calls Vanraj & complains regarding Anupama. She informs him that Anupama has expelled her from that home. She summons him to Nandini’s home for a meet. Vanraj agrees to meet her. He locates it odd to secretly meet Kavya.

He hides from that neighbours & meets Kavya. Kavya informs him that Anupama has dared to throw her out of the home. Vanraj could’t believe it. He informs that Anupama doesn’t have courage to decide it alone. Kavya requests him in case he doesn’t trust her.

She reminds that he loves her. She proposes him for marriage. He desires to talk to Anupama & take Kavya house. Kavya rejects to stay as a 2nd lady in his own personal life. She requests him to divorce Anupama & marry her.

She informs that he shouldn’t stay in a loveless marriage. She also finalises her divorce with Anirudh. Vanraj is tensed. He exclaims that Paritosh is getting wedded in some days, he could’t take risk to accept Kavya. Kavya requests him in case he won’t marry her ever.

She confronts him. He informs that when he desired to marry her yrs. back, she desired to target on her career. He sums that his own kids have grown up as of now, he could’t marry her in this time. Kavya informs him that their own relationship is over.

She calls it over & requests him to leave. Anupama is tensed to answer Vanraj when he comes back. Baa requests her not to worry, she’ll clarify Vanraj. She stops Anupama from speaking to Kavya. Vanraj comes house & gets furious on Anupama.

He confronts her move to throw out Kavya in his own absence. He yells in Anupama. He informs that she could’t take all this decisions. He requests just how could she take his own place within the entire family. Anupama desires Baa to support.

Baa gets tensed seeing his own anger. She shifts her side. She informs Anupama all the time does what she desires. Anupama gets into a bad status. Vanraj behaves worse with her. He criticises her. He tries to influence Kavya to repatriate in his own personal life. Anupama sheds tears of sorrow once again.

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Ongoing Updates: 3rd November 2024 / (3-11-2020)

First episode date: 13 July 2024
Story by: Namita Vartak
Directed by: Romesh Kalra
Network: StarPlus
Number of episodes: 63

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Anupamaa Cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as the main lead Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj

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