Babri Masjid:Kuwaiti lawyer may take case to International Court

Awhile the helpless Muslim minority of India(In) was coerced into silence, the fall out of Babri Masjid demolition doesn’t seem to suspend in different parts of the world. The strong appeal of a Kuwaiti lawyer & director of Intl. Person Rights, Mijbil Al Shureka has resonated all around the middle east insisting the reconstruction of the illegally demolished mosque in Ayodhya.

“A part from being concerned of the Muslim society of India(In), this is also an problem of religious & person rights violations of global scale, I’d thus appeal you to carry out an urgent gathering of the authorised members of your board & grant us the responsibility to take (2) the Babri Masjid complaint to Intl. Offender Court” wrote Shureka within the letter.

“Muslims of India(In) aren’t alone, Babri Masjid like Masjid Al-Aqsa belongs to each Muslim on the planet. The Ummah won’t stay silent till justice is finished & Babri Masjid is reconstructed in the website where it has been illegally demolished. I stand for justice. @hrw @OIC_OCI #Ayodhya” he tweeted.

The building of Ram Temple in the website of the illegally demolished mosque by Modi going to definitely send a quite disturbing signal to India(In)’s friends & allies within the Middle East. The Arab streets are already grappling with the tragic information of Delhi(DL) pogrom & the callous scapegoating of Muslims within the previous Coronavirus Epidemic by this ruling dispensation of India(In).

Indian Hindu migrants have spent decades apartment a friendly relation of mutual trust with their own Arab employers , this severe misadventure by PM Modi going to definitely wound the religious feeling of Muslims world-wide & won’t only damage their own goodwill however also may lead to some of the unwanted repercussions. Babri Masjid with Masjid Aqsa is quite close to the hearts of Muslims world-wide.

Being the PM of a secular nation, it certainly doesnt suit Mr. Modi to inaugurate the field breaking for the building of Ram temple in a website where a centuries old Masjid has been criminally demolished within the lens of Intl. media.

The globe is watching him with the 1.75 Billion Muslims from across continents & his own act of a ruthless Hindu supremacy going to certainly have long term impact on Indias foreign relations.

We should also keep in mind that as China has already intruded an occupied our territory & under any status of war we’ll want friends rather than enemies within the oil rich Middle east.