Barister Babu 17th August 2024 Episode Written Update

Anirudh Informing Bondita Has Realised Just how A Small Thing Could Bring A Big Alter. Saudamini Looks On. Anirudh States I M Sure When Bondita Speaks Her Heart, It Going to Approach The Hearts Of Different Ladies. Bondita Smiles Seeing The Paper. Saudamini Requests Did You Forget She Is A Little Kid, Who Going to Listen To Her.

He States She Is True, She Doesn’t Feel Scared To Speak Her Heart, She Requests Queries, She Gets Answers Also, She Is Various, She Doesn’t Really know Talking In English, However She Knows Just how To Read & Write, I Informed Her She Is Special On Reading Her Circumstances, That Special Lady Is Bondita. She States Its Not Required That Everybody Locates Her Special, I Mean, Going to They Listen To Her, Its Not A Kid’s Play To Influence Peasants.

He States I M Sure That She Could Influence Them, I M With Her, I Need Her To Make My Words Approach The Village Ladies. He Requests Saurabh To Call All The Village Ladies, We Are Together As of now. He Doesn’t Listen To Saudamini. Saurabh Goes. Saudamini States I Have Just Witnessed 1 Dream, That’s To Gain You, I Going to Break Your Dream To Make My Dream.

She Goes To Meet Bondita. She Requests That Saree Going to You Wear. Bondita States I Have Worn It, Maa Had Taught Me Before Marriage. She Recalls. Saudamini Imagines I Learned It Late, She Learned Quickly.

Anirudh States Right, She Is Quite Clever, She Could Learn Anirudh’s Speech & Tell In Front Of Everybody, I Have To Make Her Fall In His own Eyes. Bondita Smiles & States I Have To Show Something, I Got (1) A Surprise For Anirudh. She Shows The Paper. She States It Got (1) Spoiled By Me, Watch Its Shining As of now, Its His own Certificate.

Saudamini Gets Stunned. She Requests Just how Could You Accomplish Wash It. Bondita Requests Did I Make Any Error. Saudamini States Its A Error, Does Anybody Wash The Graduation, It Looks Like A Plain Paper, Didn’t You Watch What’s Written On It. Bondita States I Have Witnessed, However I Didn’t Know, I M Not Educated.

Saudamini Smiles & Imagines Anirudh Has been Comparing Me With Her, She Is Clever, However Not Extra Than Me, Watch Just how I Take (2) An Advantage Of This. Bondita Gets Sad & States He Going to Gain Angry On Me As of now, I Try To Accomplish Great However Fail, Why Did Just Persons Gain The Right To Gain Educated, Why Could’t Ladies Research. Bihari Comes To Call Her.

Saudamini Requests Bondita Not To Gain Scared, She Going to Manage Everything. She Requests Bondita To Just Accomplish What Anirudh Wants, Don’t Reject To Him. Bondita Requests Going to It Be Right. Saudamini Requests Her To Accomplish The Work (5) To Support Him. Bondita States Yes, I Need To Please Him. Saudamini States Durga Maa Is Always With You. Bondita Goes To Anirudh.

He Requests Her To Support Him In The Imp Work (5), The Village Ladies Going to Be Benefited. She States I Going to Support You. He States None Going to Be Best Than You For His own Work (5), Read This Well, You Have To Give A Speech In Front Of Village Ladies. She Could’t Read The Speech.

Saudamini Goes To Somnath & Requests Could I Sit Here. He States Yes Baudi, Didi. She States You Utilized To Call Me Baudi, & Watch I Didn’t Becomes Your Baudi. She Gets Sad. He States Don’t Gain Sad. She States When You Love Someone A Lot & He Gets Far away From You, It Going to Be Sad, I Have Learned To Tolerate The Sorrow, What Anirudh Did Today.

He Demonstrated My Place To Me In A Moment, He Wrote A Letter For Village Ladies & Chose Bondita For It. She Cries. Anirudh States This Won’t Be Hard, You Could Read It & Memorize It, Like You Wrote The Circumstances Before Marriage. She Recalls Her Letter. She Agrees. Saudamini Requests Why Did Anirudh Leave Me & Chose That Uneducated Lady.

Somnath States Don’t Really know What Happened To Him, He Forgot The Difference Between Diamond & Stone. She Gratitude Him & States I Going to Make Bondita Memorize The Speech. He States I Wish Anirudh Can Know. She States He Doesn’t Know That Its Hurting Me. He States You Aren’t Obliged To Accomplish This, You Shouldn’t Teach Her.

I Going to Teach Her In A Way That Anirudh Won’t Inquire Her To Give Speech Next Time. Anirudh Requests Bondita To Take (2) His own Support. Bondita Recalls Saudamini’s Words.

Surmani States Sampoorna Is Carrying, Did You Forget. She Goes. Saurabh Requests Sampoorna What Is She Doing. Sampoorna States I M Eating Tamarind, I M Carrying. Saurabh Requests Accomplish You Really know When A Lady Gets Carrying. Sampoorna States I Really know When Spouse & Spouse Come Close & Touch With Love… He Requests Did We Come Close.

She States You Have Conducted My Hand, Just how Much Close Must We Gain. He States We Have To Come Too Close, Just how Shall I Clarify You. She States I Accomplish As You Say, I Don’t Need To Clarify. He Imagines I Just Kissed You That Day, Nothing Else. He Requests Her To Just Accomplish As He Informs. He States Just Tell Biraj & Surmani That You Aren’t Carrying, They Have A Misunderstanding, Fine. He Goes.

Bondita Imagines To Take (2) Support, Who Going to Read The Speech, Just how To Read It. She Prays. Somnath Comes To Support Her. He Requests Could I Teach You. She Imparts The Speech. She States Read It & Tell Me What’s Written, I Going to Memorize Each Word & Say It Well. He States Everybody Going to Gain Glad & Laugh. He Teaches Her. Saudamini States Bondita Going to Give A Unfair Speech As of now, Anirudh Going to Be Ashamed, He Imagines Bondita Is Brilliant.

Biraj Requests Sampoorna Not To Go Out In Pregnancy. Sampoorna States I Don’t Think I M Carrying. Biraj States You Don’t Know All This, Tell Me, In case You Had The Monthly Periods. Surmani States We Really know In case You Are Carrying, Look In Your Swollen Ft, Your Face Is Glowing, None Must Really know It, Saurabh Going to Be Angry. They Leave.

Sampoorna States Bondita Would Be So Happy In case She Understood This. Saurabh Gathers The Citizens To Haveli. Anirudh States Bondita Going to Give The Speech. Bondita Comes. He Requests Did You Memorize Everything. She States Yes. He Requests Are You Prepared. She States Yes.

He States Afterwards Tell Me 1st. Somnath Imagines I Turned The Speech, It Going to Be Unfair In case Anirudh Hears It. Bondita Imparts The Speech. Anirudh Smiles. Saudamini Comes There & Looks On. She Imagines Anirudh Going to Really know That Bondita Learned Unfair Lines, I Have To Accomplish Something As of now.

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