Barister Babu 17th September 2022 Episode Written Update

Bondita Asking Can’t I Come In Any Various Time. Brij Reminds Her Prayers. She States I Understood, Can I Pray. He States Yes, Although Don’t Ask Anything, His own own Time To Reply Is Over. She Prays To Kanha For Solving Sampoorna’s Problem. Anirudh Appeals Saudamini To Take (2) Rest.

He Goes Home To See Bondita. Bondita Comes Home & Hides. Bihari States Your Friend Called From London. Anirudh Goes. Bondita Gets In From Various Door.

She Sees The Saree Kept There. Anirudh States I Need Time To Break The Customs. His own own Friend Salim Appeals Did Your Friend Change, Your Girlfriend’s Pic In Wallet, Did You Marry Her (or) Not.

Anirudh Recalls Saudamini & Bondita. He Disconnects The Call. She States Batuk Didn’t Keep His own own Ensure. She Hides The Saree & Sits There. She States What Shall I Accomplish Now.

Anirudh Comes & States Bondita, Did You Accomplish The Homework, Give Me Your Copy. He Checks The Book. She Thinks Batuk Didn’t Accomplish My Homework, I Won’t Gain Saved Now.

Munshi States There Are four Goats In The Lawn. Surmani Appeals Whose Goats Are These. Sampoorna States I Have Got (1) Them. Surmani Appeals Where Are Your Parents. Sampoorna States They Didn’t Come.

Surmani Appeals Did You Steal The Goats. Munshi States Yes, The Goats Are Costly. Sampoorna States I Didn’t Steal. Saurabh Appeals Did You Ask Anirudh For Help. Sampoorna States No.

He Doesn’t Actually really know Anything, I Respect Your Esteem, Don’t Say This. Surmani Appeals Just just how Did You Gain It.

Sampoorna States Mum & Dad Had Sent The Goats To Save My Marriage, They Couldn’t Come As Its Time Of Harvesting, You Got (1) The Dowry, You Won’t Gain The different Bride For Him Right. Biraj Appeals Munshi To Say.

Munshi States No, We Have No Complains. Surmani Appeals Just just how Did They Gain Money. Biraj States They Have Fulfilled Their own own Ensure, We Should Give Love To Sampoorna Now.

Munshi States Yes. Sampoorna Is Thankful To Bondita. Bondita Imparts Her Hand.

He States Bravo… You Say It In Front Of Everyone, They Should Actually really know What You Did. He Goes Calling Everyone. Bondita Worries. Trilochan Appeals Did She Accomplish Anything Mischievous Again, Don’t Gain Angry. Binoy States You Would Be Regretting To Educate Her.

Anirudh Appeals Her To Say It Herself. She Gets Tensed & Thinks He Wants To Embarrass Me. Anirudh States Yes, I M Stunned To See This.

I Asked Her To Write 50 Times, Right, She Has Written 50 Times, That Too Correct. Trilochan Smiles. Bondita Thinks Batuk Did The Work (5).

Batuk Smiles. Bondita Nods To Admire Him. Trilochan States Great. She Appeals Why Did You Ask Me To Run. He States I Said Bravo Bondita, I M Proud Of You.

Trilochan Praises Her & States I Met Brijvasi Today & This Happened. She Thinks Kanha Ji Is Helping Me, Everyone Is Happy With Me. Anirudh Appeals What Did You Say, He Is A Cheat, He Is Cheating Everyone, Did You See Any Idol Talking ((or)) Drinking Milk, He Is Cheating Residents.

Bondita States Its A Miracle, There Is No Lie. Anirudh Appeals Did You Meet Brijvasi. She Recalls Brij’s Words.

He Appeals Just just how Accomplish You Actually really know All This, Tell Me. She Thinks I M Nabbed.

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