Barister Babu 26th August 2023 Episode Written Update: Bondita Gets Beaten Up

The Daily episode begins with Master ji informing I m glad that you informed the fact. He requests Bondita to sit, they’ll begin studies. Bihari states he’s a great person, Anirudh gave her in rights hands. Saudamini wakes up & states Anirudh. Anirudh takes care of her. He requests her to have milk. He states you fallen nearby bell, accomplish you really know what happened. She states don’t really know, I felt dizzy & got (1) senseless, I wasn’t seeing anything. Master ji shows the slate & books.

He requests Bondita to touch the book to her forehead. He begins teaching her. He requests her to write carefully. He maintains his own stick there. Bondita gets scared & imagines don’t really know where is Anirudh. Anirudh states Master ji would’ve come, I’ll come in sometime.

Saudamini acts & stops him. She imagines you could’t go to Bondita. Bondita tries to write. She requests going to I gain punished. Master ji states no, I forgive candidates for the 1st mistaken, you write again. She smiles. She writes again. He states its unfair again. She feels wound. He requests her not to make error again.

He scares her by beating on her hand. She imagines my mind isn’t functioning, where is Anirudh.

Anirudh states its Bondita’s 1st day of learning, Somnath going to be here. Saudamini states yes, she’ll gain courage, I’ll pray that she learns well. Master ji scolds Bondita.

He states I’ve a mantra to teach you a lesson, this stick. She cries. Saudamini acts again. Anirudh states let me watch. She states go to Bondita for my sake, Somnath is here to take (2) care of me. He states you’re actually great, Bondita’s Pari didi, I’ll just come. Bondita states I don’t need to research.

She runs far away. Saudamini requests Somnath to gain water. Somnath goes. She gets up from that bed & goes to make a phone call. Binoy answers. She states appreciate God, you picked the call, I’ve to tell something. She informs him. He smiles.

He states you’ve finished great work (5), what a schedule, you’re a great player, I imagined of it & you’re extra best, amazing. Bondita awaits for Anirudh. She states I’ll tell him that master ji is not great, he beats me. Anirudh comes house & hears her cry. Binoy comes to master ji & states your student has escape without learning anything.

Master ji smiles. He states Saudamini fulfilled her assure, you can have finished this easily, why did she choose me. Binoy states we don’t make our hands dirty in little things, your work (5) has been great, you’ll gain amount for it, you teach her the same way that she gets scared by this name of studies, she must hate studies, she must gain adamant that she doesn’t need to research.

Anirudh comes to Bondita. She requests where have been you, I’ve to tell something, I don’t need to research. He requests why. She states I don’t like to research, master ji is bad. He requests what happened. She states he’s beaten me with stick, its hurting a lot. She shows her hands. He requests just how dare he does this, I’ll talk to him. He hears some of the sound & runs to watch. She also goes to watch. He sees master ji tied up.

He requests who did this with you. Everybody comes there. He frees Master ji. Master ji signs towards Bondita. Anirudh & everybody gain stunned. She signs no. Anirudh states you mean Bondita has finished this, a little lady could accomplish all this, going to anybody believe you. Trilochan requests just how is this possible. Binoy states let’s really know from master ji. Anirudh requests why, Bondita informed me that master ji has beaten her with the stick.

Master ji states no, its a lie, just how could I dare to beat her. Anirudh requests just how accomplish I believe you’re informing the fact. Master ji requests why going to I lie, I’ve come to teach her however she’s quite mischievous, she’s tied me up. Binoy smiles. Bondita imagines he’s cunning to Anirudh.

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