Barister Babu 7th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Anirudh Apologizing To Bonita. She States Its Fine, You Had To Break The Assure Because Of Your Friend, Bondita Going to Forgive You, She Could Accomplish Anything For Sampoorna, You Going to Not Have Any Issue With This, Right.
He States No. She States You Don’t Feel Bad As of now, Take (2) Care Of Saudamini, Make Her Fine. He States This Time, Bondita Going to Research, Inquires Her To Research, Not Accomplish Any Mischief. She States Bondita Has Assured You, She Going to Not Accomplish Any Mischief, She Is Great Bondita. She Laughs. He Laughs Seeing Her. Rishta Tera Mera….Plays…..

Bondita Goes To Her Room. She States I Could’t Have Meal, I M Punished By Trilochan From I Got (1) The Dog Inside The Home. She Feels Hungry. Batuk Comes & Requests Are You Feeling Hungry. She States No, You Had come To Make Fun Of Me, You Need To Watch That In case I M Punished (or) Not.

He Names The Sweets. She Smiles. They Have A Laugh. She States I Didn’t Really know That Trilochan Is So Scared Of Dogs. Anirudh Gets Sad Thinking Of Her Words. Bondita States Trilochan Does All The Accounts In Written Form.

You Also Write It To Me, That You Are Indebted To Me, You Going to Repatriate It To Me. He States Why Not, I Could Research, I M Not An Illiterate Like You, You Always Gain Beaten Up By Master Ji. She Passes The Slate.

He Writes That I Going to Repay The Loan Whenever She Requests Me. She Couldn’t Read It. She Tries To Read. He Laughs. He Makes Fun Of Her. Saudamini Talks To Anirudh On Phone.

She States I M Not Getting Sleep. He Requests Her To Hear Some of the Great Music. She Gets Angry & Requests Don’t You Really know Me, I Feel Happy When You Are With Me, Sorry, I Troubled You, I M So Bad.

He States No. She Smiles. She States I Need Bondita To Research, You Would Be Bringing New Master For Her. the Anirudh States You Have Stated The Same Thing, Await I Have To Say Something. It Begins in Thundering.

She States You Need To Say Something. He Imagines Just how To Say That I Got (1) Emotional & Stated All That. She States I Really know You Stated You Still Love Me, You Flowed In Feelings, You Couldn’t Watch My Pain. Anirudh States I Going to Talk Thereafter.

He Ends Call. Saurabh Scolds Sampoorna For The Lie. She Recalls Her Mum’s Words. She Imagines I Could’t Tell Him That Mum Inquired Me To Lie. Surmani Comes & States This Is The Answer For The Query, Her Mum Has Performed This Game With Us. She Scolds Sampoorna.

The Saurabh States You Have Finished This To Gain Rid Of Dowry, Stay Far away From Me, I Hate You. Sampoorna Cries. Saurabh Goes Far away. Surmani Smiles Happily.

In the morning, Bondita Is Busy In Her Work (5). Anirudh Goes To Prepare Teacher For Her. A Person Apologizes & States I Could’t Support You. Batuk Irritates Bondita & Makes Fun Of Her. Bondita Imagines I Could’t Accomplish Anything.

He States You Couldn’t Even Write A Single Alphabet. He Imagines What Happened, She Isn’t Reacting Today. She Imagines In case I Don’t React.

He Going to Not Problem Me. The Anirudh States What Shall I Accomplish To Teach Bondita. He Sees Someone & Gets A Peacock Feather. The Person States Whatever Is Yours Going to Come To You, Whats Not Yours, You Going to Never Gain It.

Anirudh Requests His own Name. The Bihari States His own Name Is Brijvasi, He Has A Strange Smile On His own Face, He Holds A Flute In Hand, His own Face Is Glowing. He Describes The Person & States He Is Kanha’s Big Devotee.

Somnath Requests What Nonsense. Bihari States I M Informing The Fact. Bondita Hears Them.

Bihari States Brijvasi Has Come To Tulsipur. The Person States I M Brijvasi, Our Meet Has been Ruled By Kanha Ji. The Anirudh States You Are Sadhu Baba, Sorry, I Don’t Believe In This, Our Meet Is A Coincidence, We Going to Not Meet Again.

The Brij States You Are Educated, So You Don’t Believe Fact As Fact Without Proof, You Are A Barister, You Need To Run After A Success.

Anirudh Smiles & Requests Just how to Accomplish You Really know It. Bondita Imagines To Gain Her Answers From Brij By Gathering Him. She Smiles.

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