Barrister Babu 16th September 2023 Episode Written Update: Bondita in a fix

Today’s daily episode begins with Bondita requesting Brijvasi in case she could’t do that in some of the different time. Brijvasi states no. Bondita states her spouse might be awaiting. Brijvasi requests Bondita in case her spouse going to give happiness to Sampoorna (or) Lord Krishna. Brijvasi requests Bondita not to tell anybody regarding her prayer for Sampoorna & calls her tomorrow.

Bondita ahead of God prays & states she’s feeling bad hiding fact from Anirudh. She imagines however for her sister sake she’s to accomplish whatever Brijvasi is requesting. Bondita recalls Anirudh might be repatriating house & runs. Anirudh approach house & Bondita somehow manage to approach 1st.

Anirudh regarding to enter the room however Bihari informs him someone on call is requesting for her. Here, Bondita imagines she doesn’t really know to research. & as of now, just how she’ll figure out in case Batuk did homework for her (or) not. Anirudh come & requests Bondita to show her homework. He gets happy knowing Bondita did all this work (5).

There, Sumari & Munsi gain happy seeing goats. Sampoorna recalls just how Bondita helped her with the amount. Sumari requests Sampoorna where is her Parents. Sampoorna states they’re not here. Munshi’s family (4) questions Sampoorna taken support from Roy’s Sampoorna informs her Parents send them by her uncle. Biraj supports Sampoorna. Sampoorna gratitude Bondita for contributing her.

Different side, Anirudh gets excited seeing Bondita’s homework. He requests Bondita to tell everybody what she’s finished. Bondita think Anirudh going to scold her. Roy’s gathers together. Trilochan & Binoy accuse & say Bondita may have finished error again. Binoy requests Anirudh what Bondita did. Anirudh requests Bondita to tell what she’s finished. Bondita stands confused.

Ahead, Anirudh discloses Bondita finished her homework. Bondita gets happy & imagines Batuk did her homework. Anirudh praises Bondita. Trilochan gets happy too & discloses he met Brijvasi & he affirmed Bondita going to turn great housewife 1 day.

Anirudh hearing Brijvasi’s name, informs to Trilochan that Brijvasi is deceiving citizens. Bondita interrupts & states Brijvasi’s Krishna is magical. Anirudh requests Bondita in case she met Brijvasi. (Daily episode Ends)

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