Barrister Babu 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Barrister Babu 19 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (19-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Barrister Babu 19th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Anirudh Praying For Bondita. Everybody Comes & Sees Anirudh’s Tapasya. They Also Join The Prayers. Doctor Treats Bondita. She Gets Conscious & States Pati Babu.

Binoy Sees Her & Shouts To Everybody That She Got Conscious. Anirudh Runs To Watch Her. She Requests Regarding Saurabh. She States He Had Come To Safeguard Me, Where Is He, Just how Is He.

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He Cries. Trilochan States Saurabh Is Totally Okay. He Lies To Her. Anirudh Goes Crying. Doctor Requests Binoy To Give Medicines To Her. Everybody Cries For Saurabh.

Sampoorna States I Going to Go To Haveli & Inquire Them To Call Saurabh. Biraj Requests Her To Block This Drama, Could’t She Watch What Happened.

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She Pours Water On Sampoorna & States Its Because Of You, He Passed away For Fulfilling Your Singing Dream, He Has been Leaving All Of Us, I Informed You To Block Him. Mami Comes There.

Biraj Requests Her To Take Sampoorna House. Mami States She Is Your Son’s Widow, Keep Her. Surmani States Okay, Why Must Sampoorna Live, We Going to Send Her With Saurabh, She Has To Becomes Sati With Saurabh. Mama & Mami Worry.

Bondita Rejects To Have Meal. Anirudh Requests Her To Have Meal. He Imagines I Have To Go To Saurabh’s Funeral, However Just how Shall I Leave Bondita Alone. Bondita Requests Did You Send Saurabh Alone.

He Requests Her To Take Rest. Trilochan Requests Somnath To Give Amount To Munshi For Saurabh’s Funeral. Anirudh States Bondita & I Are Alive Today Because Of Saurabh.

I Wish He Didn’t Give His own Personal life For Saving Me. Bondita Hears Them & States Saurabh Lost His own Personal life, Sampoorna Would Be Crying, I Have To Go To Her. They Cry.

Sampoorna Gets Prepared As Bride & States I Going to Fulfil Saurabh’s Last Wish, He Desired To Be With Me, I Going to Becomes Sati. Surmani States I Awaited This From You.

You Going to Keep Patni Dharm Today. Everybody Chants Sampoorna’s Name. Surmani States Biraj, We Going to Accomplish This Sati Ritual Before Anirudh Comes. Bondita Requests Why Did You Lie To Me, Lie Is Bad. Anirudh States Your Health Isn’t Great. She States You Have been Sending Him To Calcutta.

Why Did You Send Him Too Far. He States I Wish I Can Gain Him Back. Anirudh Requests Are We Doing A Favor By Sending Amount For Saurabh’s Funeral, I Going to Go To His own Funeral. Bondita States I Going to Also Go There. They Leave.

Trilochan States There Going to Be Some of the Rituals That Anirudh Could’t Know, He May Accomplish Something Else In Anger. Anirudh & Bondita Come & Inquire For Saurabh.

Biraj States Everybody Went For Saurabh’s Last Rites. Anirudh States I Inquired Them To Await For Me. Surmani States We Got Support From Your Entire family. Anirudh States Saurabh Has been My Friend, Not My Servant.

Bondita States I Need To Meet Sampoorna. Surmani Imagines We Could’t Tell Him That Sampoorna Is Going For Sati. Anirudh States Ladies Don’t Go For Last Rites, Sampoorna Would Be House. Surmani States Yes, I Inquired Her To Sleep, You Could Come & Meet Her Tomorrow.

Bondita States She Is Crying, I Have To Be With Her. Surmani Imagines When They Don’t Watch Sampoorna Inside, They Going to Really know That We Have Sent Her For Sati. Bondita Looks For Sampoorna.

Surmani States You Make Sampoorna Have The Water. She Imparts Him A Glass Of Water. Anirudh Goes Inside The Home. Bondita States She Isn’t Here. Surmani Locks The Door.

She Requests Biraj To Come Fast, They Going to Make Sampoorna Gain Sati, Else Anirudh Going to Pose Hurdles. Anirudh Requests Them To Open The Door.

Biraj States They Must Not Really know Regarding Saurabh’s Last Rites Spot. They Leave. They Come To Some of the Jungle To Make Sampoorna Becomes Sati.

Bondita Requests Why Did They Shut Us Here, Is Sampoorna In Problem. Anirudh Recalls & States They Are Creating Her Sati, We Have To Safeguard Her In Any Cost.

He Breaks The Door. He Requests The Neighbours Regarding Saurabh’s Funeral. Bondita Shows The Flowers On The Field. She Reminds Him The Post. Anirudh States We Going to Follow These Flowers & Locate Them.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 19th December 2023 / (19-12-2020)

First episode date: 11 February 2023
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 87
Directed by: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Colors TV: 8:30 pm(IST)
Colors TV HD: 8:35 pm (IST)
Colors TV HD: 7:35 am, 8:35 pm
Colors TV: 7:35 am, 8:35 pm

Barrister Babu Cast:

  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Aura Bhatnagar
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Aurra Bhatnagar Badon

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