Barrister Babu 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Anirudh proves he is right

Today’s daily episode begins with Anirudh awaiting for Bondita. Bondita arrives with Bihari & Trilochan requests her in case she took all this goods. Bondita states she took everything that has been needed for decoration.

Trilochan requests Bondita to repatriate the left amount. Bondita states she don’t have left amount with her. Trilochan requests Bihari where he has been when she has been shopping.

Bihari within the flashback recalls just how Anirudh inquired him not to open his own mouth ahead of anybody. Anirudh sees Bondtia shopping.

Return to reality; Trilochan imagines shopman fool Bondita & taken additional amount from her. He imagines to teach shopman a lesson. ANirudh interrupts & states won’t it’ll be nice in case they teach Bondita.

He requests quite a few queries to Bondita. Bondita reveals she don’t know math. Ahead, Anirudh persuades Trilochan that education is important for Bondita to becomes a perfect housewife.

Trilochan agrees for Bondita’s education with a condition. He requests Bondita to 1st fix Goddess Durga torn cloth, accomplish Puja & afterwards she could research. Anirudh gets happy.

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