Barrister Babu 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Barrister Babu 25 December 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (25-12-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Barrister Babu 25th December 2023 Daily Serial Starts With lady meets Bonditha & calls her as Bahu. Bonditha states Pati babu informed me regarding you so don’t address me as Bahu & go from here.

The lady states I’ve to full my Vrat otherwise I’ll gain dreams from last birth & using my dreams I identified I’m Daughter-in-law of Roy entire family like you.

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Anirudh is going somewhere. Munshi smiles seeing him. Bonditha requests her to answer her queries in case she gets dream of Roy palace.

The lady agrees & answers some of the queries correctly, Bonditha requests regarding entries of kitchen. The lady states 2 ways.

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Bonditha states you’re cunning because it’s only 1 & regarding to go however the Lady stops Bonditha informing she’s worried for her Kopal & requests Bonditha to tie Protection thread to Kopal otherwise.

someone purposely hurts Anirudh. Munshi imparts amount to that human for hurting Anirudh & imagines quite shortly Roy entire family going to watch the demise of their own son Anirudh.

Bonditha notices Protection thread in her bag & imagines that lady is is lier & regarding to throw the thread than block hearing Trilochan queries Anirudh regarding his own wound.

Bonditha gets worried. Anirudh states it’s regular injury. Trilochan states you could’t conceal your pain from me. Anirudh states he went to meet Music teacher for Sampoorna & awhile repatriating he got these small injury. Trilochan states it’s not small injury.

Bonditha cries for Anirudh & she goes to gain bandage & turmeric milk, than he bandages his own hand after applying turmeric. Trilochan smiles seeing them.

Sampoorna sees everything. Anirudh rejects to drink milk however Bonditha enforces him to drink it. Trilochan sees Sampoorna is looking in Anirudh & Bonditha & he threatens her to keep her bad luck far from his own son & Bahu.

Asubh things are happening due to your entry so stay far from everybody. Sampoorna in tears notices the happiness of Anirudh & Bonditha.

Bonditha sees protection thread & imagines to tie the protection thread to Anirudh even although she won’t believe that lady. Bonditha gradually goes to Anirudh.

Trilochan states Binoy came out informing work & this Anirudh us not listening to me & desires to teach music to that Sampoorna & all these bad things are happening due to Sampoorna however Anirudh is not understanding. Trilochan sees Bonditha near Anirudh & observes what’s she tying to him.

Bonditha ties protection thread to Anirudh & he gains conscious & requests in case she required something than he deletes Protection thread & queries who gave it to her.

Bonditha states that lady gave me awhile I’m going to educational institution & informed me that something may happens to you.

Anirudh requests Bonditha why she trusted that lady in spite of him telling not to believe her, whom you trust me (or) that lady. Bonditha states I didn’t trusted her because she informed me that our kitchen have 2 entries.

Trilochan gets stunned & informs to Bihari that kitchen habituated to have 2 ways when Shubra is alive & thereafter we closed 1 way, just how could she really know this truth.

Anirudh requests Bonditha to stay far from that lady & throws Protection thread far away informing their own is no Punar janma to anybody.

Trilochan picks the protection thread & gets stunned & reminsces just how Shubra passes away awhile saving her kid & imagines Shubra sister desires to tie same kinda protection thread to Children so that lady is our Shubra.

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Ongoing Updates: 25th December 2023 / (25-12-2020)

First episode date: 11 February 2023
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 87
Directed by: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Barrister Babu Cast:

  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Aura Bhatnagar
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Aurra Bhatnagar Badon

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