Barrister Babu 3rd September 2023 Episode Written Update: Anirudh makes a promise to Bondita

Today’s episode starts with Bondita asking Anirudh if he is going anywhere. Anirudh says to meet Mini. Bondita says he promised her he will be at her side when Teacher will come to teach her. Anirudh says he has other responsibility too. Bondita questions Anirudh what can be more important for him other than her? Anirudh makes her understand apart from husband and wife; a relation can happen between friends too. Bondita understands Anirudh and asks him to wait.

Ahead, Bondita brings her Goddess Durga idol and asks Anirudh to give it to Mini. She also asks Anirudh why Mini’s father was saying she snatched Mini’s happiness. She says she is clueless about it but if she knew it before she would have returned her. Anirudh stands speechless and avoids the talk. He further makes her to pronounce word ‘coffee’. Bondita tries but fails. Later, Bondita worries what if Anirudh won’t return on time. Anirudh promise to Bondita that he will return back on time and if he doesn’t than he asks her to promise him that she will behave properly. Bondita promise Anirudh and prays for Anirudh to back on time before teacher arrives.

Other side, when Mini learns Anirudh is taking her to the doctor she gets scared. She thinks if Anirudh will take her to the doctor than Anirudh will learn she is faking the illness.

Here, Batuk brings puppy in the house and Trilochan gets angry on him. Bondita laughs seein Trilochan fearing puppy. There, Anirudh insists Mini to come along with him to the doctor. Mini thinks of a way to make an excuse.

Moving ahead, Trilochan says to Batuk to bring puppy in the house he will get punishment. Batuk asks Trilochan not to punish him. Bondita asks Trilochan if Batuk too will run the wheel like her. Trilochan says no and says Batuk won’t be given today’s breakfast. Batuk cries.

Elsewhere, Devoleena makes Sampoorna understand that she is not pregnant. Sumari plans against Sampoorna and ask Biraj to call woman who can check Sampoorna.

Meanwhile, Batuk asks Trilochan not to punish him. Trilochan gets adamant on his decision. Bondita says to Batuk she will give a piece of food from her plate. (Episode Ends)

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