Barrister Babu 9th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Barrister Babu ninth Sep 2024 Written Update Begins With Anirudh & Bondita’s eye-lock. Binoy, Trilochan & Batuk make faces. Binoy advises to Mini accessible as needs be that, it’s tough to keep Anirudh isolated from Bondita. She acts to blackout down. Koyli sees her & yells. She runs out. Saudamini grins.

Binoy states Anirudh is doing anything for that young lady, that young lady’s entrance here looks like a tempest, I want to think something important. Anirudh shows the letters in order composed with desserts. Bondita gazes in the desserts. Anirudh appeals that her watch what he’s composed.

She states none would’ve discussed thusly, who won’t care to contemplate this way. He states I required you to like exams. Anirudh requests Bondita to cause letter sets from desserts & afterward to eat the desserts.

She requests wouldn’t I be able to eat the desserts 1st. They chuckle. Koyli comes & appeals that he come quick, Saudamini swooned once extra. Bondita requests Anirudh to go quick, Saudamini would require him. Anirudh surges.

He sees Saudamini & makes her lie on the bed. She grins. He states nothing going to transpire. He gets her journal fell there. He peruses the journal that she in spite of everything adores him, realizing she could’t gain him.

She composes I’ve steadily wished to learn immaculate couples dance for Anirudh, yet each fantasy doesn’t gain overall, perhaps my desire to learn move going to never gain pleased. He reviews her words & goes to Saudamini. Bondita calls Anirudh on her landline. She states I’ve to converse with you, would you be able to hear me.

He states indeed, let me really know. She states I could likewise hear your voice. Bihari states this is named the phone. Bondita states I really know, Saudamini let me really know. Anirudh hears Bondita & Bihari chuckling. He appeals that her state what’s it. She states I m prepared to hear Anirudh’s voice, when I call Maa, I don’t gain her voice.

Anirudh hears her. Bihari states your mum going to likewise require a telephone to converse with you. She snickers. She hears Anirudh yelling. She states I could hear you, reference to me what would you like to state, I required to gain some of the info regarding Saudamini, I has been concerned, I appealed that Bihari call you.

He states she’s fine, don’t pressure. He closes the call. He states I’ll trying my finest to bring back your grin.

Saudamini grins. Bondita sits to compose the letters in order. She gets happy to watch Sampoorna. Sampoorna functions as the homemaker. Bondita requests don’t you love me as of now. Sampoorna cries.

Bondita requests accomplish you’ve wound in your grasp, let me really know, who chided you, I’ll gain him chastened by telling Anirudh. Sampoorna states you’re youthful, I won’t inconvenience you. Bondita wipes her tears & consoles her. She states distress gets less when we distribute it, you could give a portion of your distress to me.

Sampoorna states no, I wish you don’t gain such distress, Saurabh is absconding from me, my marriage is breaking. Bondita gets stunned. Sampoorna states Saurabh’s people going to gain the other spouse for him, they’ve sent me here to work (5). I’ve come here as the worker in your haveli. Bondita takes a gander in her & stresses.

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