BHU scholar, JP’s comrade, journo, politician – Who is the real Harivansh?

New Delhi(DL), September 22 : “Grounded”, states PM Narendra Modi, “a reporter 1st”, say those who performed with him in ‘Prabhat Khabar’. Before Sun.’s ruckus even the opposition would acknowledge his own unbiased reach.

Harivansh Narayan Singh, the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha who’s the opposition’s thorn now, was a Bihar(BR) politician who’s proud of his own Bihari roots, despite of having being born in WP’s Ballia. Even today, when he wrote an emotional letter to President Ram Nath Kovind, references of JP, poet Dinkar & Karpoori Thakur only reaffirm that point.

A quick recap of his own personal life states three things regarding him – a meticulous reporter, someone who tends to listen to all sides however makes decisions as per his own wisdom & a humble person with a socialist bent.

Him being a reporter has been mentioned within the upper home even the day he won defeating RJD’s Manoj Jha. The JDU leader is frequently given credit for the success & wide readership of Prabhat Khabar within the Hindi heartland. It’s his own communication skills & no-nonsense reach, whose glance the home saw just recently, that made afterwards PM Chandra Shekhar pick him as his own media advisor.

In 2014, Bihar(BR) CM Nitish Kumar ruled to nominate him to the upper home. Thereafter he went on to becomes Deputy Chairman. However this election for the post has been necessitated after the post fallen vacant when Harivansh Narayan Singh’s term within the Rajya Sabha stopped. He’s from being re-elected to the Upper Home from Bihar(BR).

By nature, he was anti-establishment from his own early yrs.. No wonder he has been part of the JP movement that captured the country’s imaginations & turned the status quo of India(In)’s polity. Even today, in his own letter to President Kovind, he’s mentioned that, “I has been born in JP’s village. Not just that I has been born, there was a powerful bond between JP’s family (4) & the peasants, for generations.”

However it’s his own humility that enticed all sides, until Sun.’s ruckus within the upper home when opposition MPs like TMC’s Derek O’Brien aggressively reached him when he has been implementing the home in order to pass the contentious farm Invoices. O’Brien tore documents as AAP’s Sanjay Singh initiated clapping & even shoving the marshals. That led to eight lawmakers being discontinued for a week, that has caused much heartburn within the opposition ranks.

On the 1st day of this session when he won the Deputy Chairman election, Modi recounted an anecdote that not only reaffirms just how grounded he’s however also the respect he commands. “The respect I hold for Harivansh ji, every member of the Home shares. He’s earned this respect. His own unbiased character in Parliament strengthens this democracy,” Modi had stated.

Modi recounted just how Singh had no shoes for a huge part of his own personal life & when he instructed 1 to be made by a village shoemaker, he’d check him frequently to watch the progress just like a “rich human visits to watch the progress of his own bungalow”. Modi stated it shows just how grounded he was all using his own personal life.

Modi also reported the other anecdote when Singh spent his own overall scholarship amount on purchasing books, awhile Singh’s family (4) awaited the money to be took house. He stated that the link (connection) between Singh & books continues till now.

Coming from India(In)’s PM, it demonstrated the respect he commands for his own simplicity & humility. Even when Manoj Jha spoke that day, he admitted, “It has been never a fight between 2 people”.

It’s his own repute that made BJD assure to vote for him when Nitish Kumar dialled Odisha CM Navin Patnaik seeking his own party’s help.

However Sun.’s unprecedented mayhem, that Modi describes as “derogatory” & Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in a hurried press conference the same in the evening dubbed as “shameful” seem to have altered the equation. Short of numbers, numerous opposition members snatched the Chair’s mike, tore documents & created ruckus to stop 2 politically sensitive farm Invoices. Thereafter, no-confidence motions have been also took in over Singh. The next day, the Rajya Sabha Chairman instead discontinued eight MPs after passing through CCTV & RSTV footage, say sources.

It initiated a chain of events with eight lawmakers camping in Parliament Home to register their own dissent awhile Singh took them tea this in the morning to drive house a point. He informed President Kovind that he’ll fast for a day awhile referring Dinkar, a renowned Hindi poet.

The BJP, meantime, has made it an problem of “attack on Bihar(BR)”. “I’d like to reference a point here as each human in Bihar(BR) is deeply wound. The citizens of Bihar(BR) going to give a befitting reply to their own behavior,” stated Bihar(BR)’s Deputy CM Sushil Modi.

However those close to him retain, nothing shifts as far as he’s concerned. He remains the same old self who’d respect difference of opinions however doesn’t entertain being insulted, say his own aides.

So who’s Harivansh, after all? A Masters in Economics from that prestigious Banaras Hindu University (BHU), a politician with a socialist bent yet in a frictionless alliance with BJP, someone who stands his own field – that is Harivansh Narayan Singh.