Craig Tester Net Worth 2023

There will be no one like Craig Tester who will immobilize your hearts and minds upon the very first glance of the famous documentary series, The Curse of Oak Island. His drilling and engineering skills are simply extraordinary. Tester is also a successful businessman. Want to know more about this intriguing personality? Keep reading to … Read more

Andrew Camarata Net Worth 2023

Introduction Children learn from their parents – this we know. Yet very few people would actually dream to follow the footsteps of their parents when it comes to career choice. Andrew Camarata is one such rarest kind who followed his father’s footsteps and polished his father’s profession by owning a business and later became a … Read more

John Macarthur Net Worth 2023

Introduction John Fullerton MacArthur Jr. Is a person who has devoted his life to helping others. With his television and radio program Grace To You, he spreads God’s word all over the world, making people aware of Christ and his great sacrifice. Being a pastor and teacher of Grace Community Church he handles a lot … Read more

Swifty Net Worth 2023

Introduction John Pyle, popularly known by his streaming and gaming name Swifty, streams his games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch where his skills are appreciated by many viewers. He has close to 700 thousand subscribers on Youtube. To know more about the games he plays, how much he earns through gaming and his net … Read more