Brazil: Desolated by wildfire

In a way, such damage is the damage to the environment of the whole globe.

Brazil’s Domestic Institute for Space Study stated that this yr. there was a fire 3 times as compared to previous year.

The region with wet (or) moorland is named wetland (or) wetland.

Wetland makes water free from pollution. There is a plenty of biodiversity here.

Wetlands absorb water throughout floods. Because of that the residential regions are saved from being submerged.

Wetlands contribute significantly to environmental protection. Useful flora & numerous types of animals are identified there.

Watch in these photos just how much has been lost to the firelands.

Previous year, five thousand 109 times have been on fire until this time, till now this yr. 15 thousand 756 were set on fire.

Brazil’s Domestic Centre for Prevention of Forest Fire recorded that in 2022, 29 lakh hectares of forest was burnt.

Urgency was enforced in some of the regions there.

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