Brazil’s First Lady recovers from COVID-19

Brasilia: Brazilian 1st Lady Michelle Bolsonaro has recovered from that new coronavirus, after she tested positive(+ve) for the disease on Jul 30.

“The test went out negative, appreciate you for your prayers & affection,” Xinhua press agency quoted the 38-year-old as informing in an on-line post on Sun..

The 1st Lady tested positive(+ve) after her corona-sceptic spouse & President Jair Bolsonaro contracted the disease on Jul 7.

The President declared on Jul 25 that he’d recovered.

As per officer info, Jair Bolsonaro underwent 4 COVID-19 tests in 18 days & tested positive(+ve) thrice.

Apart from the President & the 1st Lady, Science, Technology & Innovation Minister Marcos Pontes; Citizenship Minister Onyx Lorenzoni; Education Minister Milton Ribeiro has been also tested positive(+ve) in Jul.

2 different ministers, Bento Albuquerque, who’s in-charge of mines & energy, & Augusto Heleno, who heads the institutional security cabinet, tested positive(+ve) in Mar however quickly recovered.


Brazil presently accounts for the second-highest no. of COVID-19 instances & demises, just after the US.

As of Mon., the overall no. of instances within the nation stood in 3,340,197, awhile the number of deaths rised to 107,852.

It’s also the nation with the maximum number of infections & fatalities in Latin America.

Sao Paulo, the most populated state within the nation & the epicentre of the epidemic, has lodged over 699,000 affirmed instances & 26,852 demises, succeeded by Bahia, Ceara & Rio de Janeiro