CBD Cream For Arthritis, Does It Work?

Having a healthy body free from aches is what almost every one of us desires. Therefore, for many decades medical practitioners and scientists have always insisted on the benefits of using natural ingredients over chemically manufactured therapeutic drugs. This is not to say that manufactured medications are harmful to your health.

Overall there has been an increased desire for people to go green and organic on almost everything, from natural gas for cooking to consuming almost anything organic that is beneficial to the human body. With that being said, CBD active ingredient as a remedy for conditions such as arthritis for relieving pain and inflammations has seen an increased rise in recent years.

Below is an article that explains what cream is, and how it helps in curing and alleviating pain caused by arthritis, how to use this cream and the potential benefits and side effects associated with the use of this cream.

What is CBD?

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CBD is a short form of the word cannabidiol, usually extracted from the plant hemp or marijuana. The hemp plant is always the most frequently used plant for sourcing CBD as it contains low levels of THC compounds which is the other active ingredient in the cannabis Sativa plant.

THC has psychoactive ingredients, when consumed, makes one feel high, unlike CBD active ingredient, which rarely alters the mental state of an individual when used.CBD products are usually made in different forms depending with the intended use of the product. They may come in the form of gummies, chocolates, candles, oils, creams or lotions, bath salts and sprays. All these forms are made for easy usability and convenience for you.

It is usually extracted in three formulations which include:

1. Full-spectrum CBD-this formulations contain all the compounds found in the hemp plant, including the psychoactive ingredient THC.
2. Broad-spectrum CBD -this formulation contains most of the potentially beneficial compounds of the hemp plant with very insignificant levels of THC to no traces at all
3. CBD isolate-this is the purest formulations of the three and usually contains no active ingredients of the hemp plant.

Manufacturers usually tend to favour broad-spectrum CBD formulations due to their potential to contain a significant amount of active CBD ingredients.

CBD Cream

CBD cream supplied by botanicam.com is a cream infused with CBD active ingredient, each varying in different concentrations. These creams are sometimes blended in with other elements such as rosemary, lavender and lemongrass to add a more natural fragrance. They may also contain peppermint, calendula, and ginger to provide a more natural soothing and relaxing sensation.
Some manufacturers may add menthol, camphor or capscain to increase the therapeutic potentiality of the CBD cream. However, this may sometimes be confusing as one is unsure which ingredient is causing the therapeutic effect on the arthritic joint.

Does the cream have therapeutic effects on arthritic patients?

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The answer is a definite yes. Although the research on CBD as a medicinal product is little, some of the studies that have been carried out have shown that CBD active ingredient goes a long way in reducing arthritic pain.

When the cream is applied on the ailing part, the skin receptors on your body help mediate the anti-inflammatory process in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system, abbreviated as ECS. This system is responsible for how your body reacts to pain, inflammation, moods, and sleep. The active CBD contains Phytocannabinoids, which react with the ECS system hence helping to relieve pain.

The cream people have pain relief effects in arthritic conditions. However, this does not mean that you should replace your medications for arthritis and start using CBD cream solely. Instead, using your meds and CBD cream as a natural remedy for your arthritis can prove to be more effective when it comes to alleviating pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

How to use CBD Cream

1. Clean the area of your joint where you wish to apply the cream
2. Place the desired amount of CBD cream on the palm of your hand
3. Rub the cream on both your palms
4. Gently massage the area on your joint until the cream is fully applied

If you are a beginner starting on creams with low concentrations of CBD infusion is usually recommended. Then, progressively increase the dosage of the cream if no adverse side effects have been noted and the cream seems to be working.

Side Effects

When used on the human body, cream can also have adverse side effects on some people. The cream may cause more inflammation, increasing the intensity of pain to the individual who is using it.
It may also lead to an itching rash that may cause scarring to you. Finally, stop continual use of these products if you note undesired effects on you.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Creams

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Always ascertain that you never compromise on the quality of CBD cream because of your budget. Remember that quality usually pays off, so whenever you want to make a purchase ensure that you do it from a reputable brand or company with previous reviews by previous clients on the quality of their cream.

Ingredients Used to Make the Product

This can be done by conducting a third-party lab test on the product. However, remember that most people are out there to make money, and they may not be genuine when labelling the types of ingredients they have used to make the CBD cream. So to be on the safe side, you should double proof the product before starting to use it.

The Company

Purchasing your cream from a trusted and known company is of paramount importance. Ensure that this company can provide you with a certificate of analysis on request to your email. Alternatively, they should have their certificate of analysis readily available on their website and is up to date.

Key Takeaway

Arthritis medications should not be substituted with CBD cream as this cream is not a pharmacological therapeutic agent. Before using CBD cream for your arthritic condition, always ensure that you first consult your doctor.