Charminar street vendors’ struggle for livelihood post lockdown

Hyderabad(Hyd): Street vendors selling anything from meal to clothes is a common sight around the old city, particularly within the historical Charminar region. Besides, numerous of them, owing to the strict lock-down enforced previously from Mar-end to mid-May, had even taken to selling vital items. Although, with tourism taking a hit & pockets racing empty in gen., hawkers are as of now fighting for survival.

Before the COVID-19 hit the the globe & its economy, hawkers formed a system that kept much of Hyderabad(Hyd)’s out on the streets, be it for hair clips (or) fruits. However the infection has as of now devastated their own livelihoods & also disrupted their own capability to go regarding doing business as usual. Numerous stated that they’ve being just shutting shop daily, with barely any business.

“Due to the post-lockdown & because of the fear of infection, citizens weren’t coming to purchase & the streets are still quiet. You don’t watch anybody on the road as of now. I were selling bangles in the Laad Bazar market from that last 20 yrs., however never seen the Charminar in such a status. So, I’ve ruled that I wouldn’t go to house as I spent majority of the time on the street selling bangles. I’m also afraid in case my family (4) going to gain contaminated,”  states Mohammed Shakeel (25), who sells watches

Post-lockdown: A fight for survival of street vendors

Personal life has numerous turned completely for street vendors. Awhile numerous of them habituated to open up their own push carts & go back house late in night, they although don’t have that option anymore as they’re not even permitted to set-up shop nearby Charminar.

“We just set up our small stall within the in the morning, idle about & afterwards wind up all this stuff without any amount these days. After every day, we end up repatriating house with a sad face,” stated lamented Mohammed Khalid, a clothes seller. In reality, the status is so grim that some vendors don’t even gain to go house, as they were obliged to sleep on footpaths from their own families fear that they may be contaminated with COVID-19.

Almost all vendors this journalist spoke to stated that sales are down by 90% compared to before the epidemic had started. They pointed out that citizens from low-income households that rely on street vendors for clothing & different daily items, as of now are purchasing things only when required.

“We aren’t doing business in all, as no 1 has amount to purchase anything. & the fear of Coronavirus in not letting citizens come out to buy stuff. All of us just sit nearby Charminar the whole day,” states Iftekhar Ahmed (32) who sells bags near historical monument. Like him, personal life became grimly idle, where 1 only has to await & hope that some of the (or) the different client may turn up in some of the point.

Given the issue, the Greater Hyderabad(Hyd) Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is as of now identifying street vendors, & has assured to support them monetarily by issuing loans of INR.10,000 within the PM SVANidhi scheme.