China daring India as Modi weakened India: Rahul


Samana (Punjab(PB)), October 5 : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Mon. claimed that the Chinese had dared to enter India(In) & murder our warriors because the Narendra Modi govt had weakened the country with its “anti-national policies & actions”, of that the farm laws have been the latest example.

“China had realized that Modi had weakened India(In), & had taken advantage of this to take (2) curb of 1,200 kms of our land,” stated Rahul, asserting that the PM had broken the backbone of the countrywhose economic expansion he said had plummeted from 9 percent within the Congress-led UPA to minus 24 percent currently.

Accusing Modi of “ruining the nation to support his own capitalist & industrialist friends”, Rahul stated India(In) has been going backwards, that the Chinese had witnessed.

“Why else would China dare enter our territory? Just how can they murder 20 of our warriors who have been on our side of the LAC, in case the Chinese didn’t enter India(In), as Modi says?” inquired Rahul, caveat the citizens that they can shut their own eyes to these facts in their own own peril.

Referring Sikhism’s creator Guru Nanak Dev, who stated 1 can’t conceal from that fact, Rahul stated, “In case we don’t face the fact today, we’ll suffer”.

Pointing that Guru Nanak Dev demonstrated the path of fact, he exhorted the citizens, particularly the farmers, to follow his own path.

“You can’t flee,” he stated, adding that the farmers of Punjab(PB) have been no ordinary citizens, however have been the backbone of the country.

“Why are you quiet? Why is Haryana(HR) quiet? Why are the lions of Punjab(PB) not roaring?”

Rahul named out to the citizens, urging them to raise over the Center’s “tyranny” & asserted that he has been with them each step of the way.

“In case Modi doesn’t realize the power of the farmers & the poverty-stricken, we’ll together show him this power,” stated Rahul, declaring that he wasn’t afraid of the BJP govt in the Center.

He also castigated the Modi govt for controlling the media using the corporate homes & therefore stifling all voices of protest.

Rahul, with Punjab(PB) CM Amarinder Singh, has been solving a protest here on the last leg of day 2 of their own ‘Kheti Bachao Yatra’ in Punjab(PB).

Caveat the farmers over the dangerous designs of the Modi govt, in the context of a “wilful & malicious agenda” to destroy their own lives to foster the interests of a handful of industrialists, Rahul stated the PM has been only interested in contributing out 3 (or) 4 of his own industrialist friends.

He doesn’t care for the citizens, stated Rahul, recalling the plight of the migrants during this lock-down period, & the crises triggered by demonetisation & GST.

Rahul reminded the citizens that Modi had said the war over the epidemic would be won in 22 days.

“Has it happened? In case so, afterwards why are citizens wearing face masks?” he inquired.

Caveat the farmers that the new farm laws of the Center would result in dismantling of the MSP & FCI system & the ‘mandis’, the Congress leader stated this mightn’t happen within the next 2 to 3 yrs. however has been the final gameplan of Modi, who only wanted to foster the interests of his own industrialist friends.

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