China is not a normal state

Gautam Bambawale, who understands China well after serving as the Indian Ambassador to China, in an Op-Ed in The Hindustan Times said some of the inconvenient facts: “It’s as of now evident that the moves by this Citizens’s Liberation Troops (PLA) in eastern Ladakh this summer have been premeditated, scheduled & smoothly implemented.

“This comes using when you discuss the strength of the army engaged along with the several places where action was witnessed. There have been specific military objectives set out for PLA & at the least some of the, in case not all, of those were achieved.”

What has been the objective of President Xi Jinping & his own generals when they initiated the Ladakh adventure? Has been it only to grab some hundred metres of Indian territory in Pangong tso, Hot Springs (or) Depsang? This would show China as a compulsively hegemonic State.

‘Some hundred metres extra’ can’t be an objective for a ‘regular’ State, however today it looks as in case some of the aspects of the Communist regime still have a medieval mindset.

The PLA has been instructed to march into Ladakh in the worst planetary time; India(In), in specific, had (& has) to cope with a complex status. The country’s energy & resources have been needed to combat dread ‘Chinese’ infection rather than a battle (perhaps shortly a war) within the High Himalaya.

China watchers today agree that Xi Jinping is not going to vacate the regions that it’s occupied in Ladakh; this became evident after the multiple rounds of military along with diplomatic talks aimed in disengagement. What remain? Chief of Defense Employees Gen. Bipin Rawat just recently said that a military option has been on the table, in case the diplomatic option failed.

In this regard, it’s value looking in the sudden apparition of the Coronavirus Infection on the globe phase & the character of the PLA in it.

1st let’s look in the officer figures, China had regarding 85,000 instances & 4,600 casualties, awhile India(In) has crossed over 3,00,000 instances for 56,000 demises (Maharashtra(MH) alone has 6,82,000 instances & 22,000 casualties).

What accomplish these figures say?
This means that China is deceiving its own citizens along with the rest of the globe; it just doesn’t tell the fact.

Even in case the status stabilizes the globe over, China is bound to be extra affected that the Communist propaganda wants us to believe. Beijing going to never be witnessed within the same light by this society of countries; to have assaulted India(In) in these conditions can’t be forgotten (or) forgiven.

Curiously, from Day 1, a PLA Unit, the Joint Logistics Help Enforce (JLSF), was on the centre phase of what the Communist Party of China named the ‘Citizens’s War’ over the ‘demon’ infection.

The Enforce has been created on Jan 11, 2016 in the context of Xi Jinping’s in-depth military reform; as per Xinhua, it “comprises the help enforces for inventory & warehousing, medical solutions, transport, enforce projection, oil pipelines, engineering(engr.) & building Mgmt, reserve assets Mgmt, & procurement”. Coincidentally, it’s based in Wuhan.

On Oct 18, 2019, President Xi Jinping, also Chairman of the Central Military Commission, flew to Wuhan to participate the 1st Party Congress of the PLA’s Joint Logistic Help Enforce (JLSF). As per Xinhua, Xi Jinping encouraged the JLSF delegates & different Sr. officials stationed in Hubei area “to faithfully do their own duties & contribute to fulfilling the dream of a powerful military”.

Did Xi really know afterwards that the JLSF would play a critical character within the ‘war’ over the COVID-19, that erupted within the capital city of Hubei area just a mo thereafter, on Nov 17?

The tasks for the JLSF have been already clearly defined & once the COVID-19 erupted, a mega military exercise occurred on the field.

The JLSF coordinated transportation for over 4,000 military medics & different personnel from its subordinate units & different parts of the PLA, & took large number of units of crucial medical supplies to Wuhan over a 6 week period. In the end over 10,000 army (involving the Militia also serving within the CMC) have been deployed.

On Jan 29, Xi Jinping personally intervened to exhort the military to safeguard the country… & the Party; Xi instructed the PLA to win the battle, he exhorted the army “to keep the original spirit… breathing with the citizens, spreading the same fate, & connecting hearts”.

In a press conference on Mar 2, Maj Gen Chen Jingyuan, Director of the health division of the Logistic Help Dept., stated that there has been no infection amongst the 10,000 (or) so military medical employees that were dispatched to respond to the COVID-19 outburst. Has been he telling the fact?

When on Mar 10, Xi toured Wuhan, he went straight to the PLA command center in Huoshenshan temporary hospital (3) to announce the ‘victory’; he taken the chance to reaffirm the PLA’s leading character in fighting the infection.

For India(In), it’s important to analyse the consequences of the PLA’s direct involvement within the battle over the infection. It certainly had implications for the PLA who suddenly dared to attack India(In)’s borders (probably the command couldn’t probably reject anything to the ‘victorious’ generals).

The most hypocritical part of the Chinese discourse is the doctrine of a Society of Revealed Future advocated by China.

In Apr 2024, Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister said: “in these trying times, mankind has written a new chapter of apartment a global society with a revealed future.” He added further that Xi Jinping Imagined on Diplomacy had “won high recognition from that Intl. society”.

Already in Nov 2012, shortly after taking over as Gen. Secretary of the Communist Party, Xi Jinping announced that the Intl. society has been incrementally becoming ‘a society with revealed future’ with every having a stake in remaining: “Within the face of the complicated status of the globe economy & global issues, no nation can possibly stay aloof by taking great care of itself alone.”

That is why I’m informing that China is not a ‘regular’ State.

Within the 21st century, you could’t preach something & blatantly accomplish something else.

(Claude Arpi is Director, Pavilion of Tibetan culture in Auroville. The views expressed are personal.)