China responded, said India should stop messing with us immediately

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin also stated that India(In) was accountable for the previous India(In)-China conflict on the Line of Actual Curb (LAC).

As per the Daily Times briefing of China’s governing party news paper Global Times, the spokesman stated, “1st India(In) violated bilateral agreements, they illegally instigated crossing the border, turned the status quo within the border region by taking unilateral action,” & opened fire to threaten Chinese warriors “.

A day before this announcement from China, India(In)‘s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made an announcement in Parliament on Indo-China tension & charged China of violating the border.

Global Times also reacted to Rajnath Singh’s announcement before the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s announcement.

Global Times editor Hu Shijin wrote in an article that China is prepared for both peace & war & India(In) must speak within the language of the ultra-nationalist enforces functioning there.

Hu Shijin stated, “The Defence Minister of India(In) informed Parliament just how noble & brave the Indian warriors have been. He emphasized the importance of resolving the border crises peacefully in China-India(In) relations. These different things he stated have been the main part of his own speech.

The news paper writes that these days the Indian Troops has endorsed a soft attitude on the border, as also shown by Rajnath Singh’s address. This soft stance was endorsed because of the tremendous stress of the Citizens‘s Liberation Troops (PL) of China.

Shijin stated that the PLA is rising its deployment in China-India(In) area & taking drastic action. With this, the Indian Troops has come to really know that getting engaged in a military confrontation with China is a gamble that they can’t afford.

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