China welcomes Israel-UAE accord to establish diplomatic ties

Beijing: China on Fri. appreciated the historical UAE-Israel deal to establish complete diplomatic relations that would watch Israel suspend the debatable annexation of parts of the West Bank, informing it’s satisfying to watch steps aimed in de-escalating tensions within the Middle East.

In a deal brokered by this US, the UAE & Israel declared on Thu. that they accepted to establish complete diplomatic ties & Israel going to suspend schedules for annexation of parts of the West Bank that Palestinians watch as a part of their own future state.

The announcement makes the UAE the 1st Gulf Arab state to accomplish so & only the 3rd Arab country to have active diplomatic ties to Israel.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian throughout a media briefing stated, “China observed the appropriate rapports involving the contents that Israel discontinues the annexations of Palestinian territory & its dedication to approach a comprehensive fair & lasting settlement to the Palestinian problem.”

China is satisfied to watch steps that going to deescalate tensions amongst the middle east nations & contribute the local peace & stability. We hope the appropriate parties could take (2) concrete actions so that the Palestinian problem could back to the equal footed dialog & negotiations,” he stated.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated Chinese position on the Palestinian problem is consistent & evident.

“We’ll continue supporting the Palestinian citizens in their own just cause to restore their own legitimate domestic rights & apartment an independent & sovereign state & we’ll continue to play a constructive character in this context,” he stated.

The historical deal delivered a key foreign policy victory for US President Donald Trump.

Numerous believe that the big diplomatic breakthrough is going to politically boost Trump’s electoral prospects & also strengthen Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as he battles normal rallies calling for his own resignation because of the corruption trial over him & failure within the proper handling of the COVID-19 crises.