China would love to have me lose to ‘sleepy’ Biden: Trump

NJ: US President Donald Trump on Fri. (regional time) stated that China would “love” to have an election in case he lost to his own “sleepy” Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“China would love for us to have an election where Donald Trump lost to sleepy Joe Biden. They’d dream (that) they’d own our nation. In case Joe Biden has been president, China would rule our nation,” he informed journalists here.

He stated that Iran would also “love” to watch Trump lose the election in Nov, adding that in case he won the elections, the US President going to “make deals with Iran quite quickly”.

“In case & when we win, we’ll make deals with Iran quite quickly. We’ll make deals with North Korea quite quickly. In case I didn’t win the elections in 2016, our nation would were in war with North Korea. We really have a relation with North Korea,” Trump added further.

On the subject of interference within the US elections, Trump named China “a bigger danger”.

“Accomplish you think China is a bigger danger? I think maybe it’s. We’ll be watching all of them quite closely. The largest risk we’ve is mail-in ballots because with the mail-in ballots it’s much easier for a foreign power — whether it’s Russia, China, Iran (or) North Korea — to forge ballots,” he furthermore stated.