Choti Sardarni 10th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Sarab States Aditi, Vikram Is Lost In Thoughts. Aditi States He’s Always Immersed In His own Complaint. Vikram Recalls Kulwant States Manav Works In A Dhaba In Banaras. Sarab States MR. Vikram Don’t Bore Our Sister. Harleen States You Both Look Like An Amazing Couple. You Should Be Romantic. Aditi States Yes, Quite Romantic.

He Always Flirts. Vikram Reads Poetry & States These Eyes Are Magic. Harleen States Yes The Globe Is Complete Of Beauty. Vikram States Yes, Everybody Is Extra Beautiful Than Remaining, Love Is The Want Of Personal life. Harleen States So You Flirt With Everybody? He States No Love Only Happens Once.

Meher States Aditi, Is This Your 1st Relationship? Vikram States Don’t Really know Regarding Aditi. However My 1st Love Has been Someone Else. She Still Is. I Love Her Extra Than Aditi Even Today. He Looks In Meher. Meher Is Confused.

He States My Nation, My Land. I Going to Always Love It. Where Did You & Meher Meet Sarab Ji? They Both Say We.. Aditi States Watch Just how They Are Made For Every Different. Harleen States Sarab’s Face Glows When He Hears Meher’s Name. Sarab States Don’t Inquire Regarding Our 1st Gathering. Almost, Meher Got (1) Me Detained. Vikram States Did You Scam Back Afterwards Too? Aditi States Vikram.. He States I Has been Joking.

Sarab States We Met In A Temple. I Went To The Temple To Test Her. Meher Identified Param. She Inquired Where Is Your Mom? Param States Mummy When To God. Sarab States I Got (1) To Really know The Real Heart Of Meher That Day.

Meher States A Misunderstanding Happened. I Imagined Sarab Is A Kidnapper. She Inquired Citizens To Call The Police. Aditi Asys That’s So Funny. Meher States Before Sarab I Fallen In Love With Param. Sarab States In You Loved Me? Meher States Nothing. Aditi States Who Stated I Love You 1st? Meher States In The Heart Can Never Have Courage.

Sarab States In Heart I Attempted So Numerous Times. Vikram States Let Me Make Drinks For Both Of Us As of now. Harleen States You Didn’t Try Veg Kababs? Vikram States It’s Okay. He Goes To Gain The Drinks. Meher Imparts Sarab The other Drink. She States I Made Cranberry Juice & You Didn’t Even Try.

Vikram States Who Drinks Juice With Whisky? Sarab States She Would Taunt Me The Whole Week. Vikram States You Broke My Heart, Mrs. Gill.

Harleen States Where Did You 2 Meet? Just how Long Has It Being? Vikram States Not Long. Aditi States We Met In The Hospital (3). Meher Recalls Manav Being Stabbed. She Recalls Kulwant Informing That Manav Is Alive.

Meher Drops The Tray. Sarab & Harleen Run To Her. Sarab States Are You Okay? Meher States Are You Okay? Meher States I Am Fine.

Harleen States Carefully, Please. Harleen States What Happened To Him? Vikram States We Met As A Patient & Doctor. She Fallen In Love With Me. Harleen States Let Me Gain Dinner Prepared.

Sarab Imparts The other Drink To Vikram. Sarab States You Should Have Affairs, You Are That Dashing. He States The Job Is Like That. New City, New Relationship. Sarab States So You Aren’t Severe With Aditi? Vikram States A Person Is Only Severe In ICU. Aditi Is Just A Time Pass. What Happened? Are You Stunned? Don’t Worry. I Actually Love Aditi.

I Has been Only Acting Being Drunk. We Are Given Training Not To Gain Drunk & To Observe Things. I Really know That You Don’t Drink. You Could’t Act In Front Of Me.


Sarab States I Gain Drunk Without Alcohol Too. He Leaves. Vikram Hears Karan Crying.

Meher States Karan, Don’t Cry. She Tries To Calm Him Down. Vikram Looks In Karan In Meher’s Lap. Sarab Comes & Plays With Karan. Aditi Takes Karan From Meher.

Karan States He’s Pretending To Cry. He Wants To Come To Me. He Takes Karan From Aditi. Karan Stops Crying. Meher Is Stunned. Vikram States Brave Children Don’t Cry.

Just how Are You? He Smiles & Plays With Karan. Sarab States He’s Thanking You For Saving His own Personal life. Vikram States He’s My Son As Well. He Imparts Karan To Sarab. Sarab States I Think You Actually Like Children. Vikram States Not In All.

In Truth, I Run Far away From Children. However I Don’t Really know. There’s Something Special Regarding Karna. Meher Recalls Kulwant Informing He Going to Take (2) Karan From You.

Sarab Imparts Karan To Meher. Meher Is Worried.

Scene 2
Sarab States You Both Like Every Different A Lot. You’re Both Stable. When Are You 2 Getting Wedded? Vikram States All I Really know Is That I Going to Only Marry Aditi. I Don’t Really know When. In Truth, Only You Really know. Tell Me Regarding Your Scam.

I Going to Marry Aditi The Next Day. File Closed, Marriage Initiated. Everything Is In Your Hands. Aditi States Just how Are They Related? Vikram States The Choice Is Yours As of now.

Sarab States I Have Nothing To Accomplish With This Scam. & You’re Forgetting That With All Legal & Illegal Measures, You Couldn’t Locate A Single Lead Over Me. I Inquired You As Aditi’s Sister. Before My Sister’s Wedding, I Going to Gain This Accusation Off Me.

My, My Tandem & Punjab(PB) Police Going to Expose This Complaint. So No 1 Could Say A Brother Wedded Off His own Sister To A CBI Official To Close His own Complaint. Meher States Congratulations.

Sarab Going to Accomplish What You Couldn’t Accomplish For You. You Must Say Yes For The Wedding As of now..

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