Choti Sardarni 19th August 2023 Episode Written Updates

Read Daily episode Complete Written Updates: Choti Sardarni 19th Aug 2023 Written Updates Begins With Sarab comes in. Amrita is stupefied. Sarab states my regard & love to you is submitted. Nobody could be this legitimate.

You’re sardarni of this home. As a consequence of you I got (1) this title. Guddan states I want to let you really know.. He states appreciate you for your support to bhahi. Kulwant states come 1st floor everyone is pausing.

The tune mehndi hai sajny wali plays. Everyone moves. Sarab & param move. Meher’s mehndi is being completed. She informs the name manav.

The lady composes Manav. Kulwant sees it. Sarab is coming there. Kulwant cuts her hand. SArab states just how did this occur? Kulwant states it cut from glass. Sara wipes it. Kulwant states be cautious Meher. Sarab applies treatment on it.

Cart states this isn’t right. This happened on account(a/c) of Sweeti. She’s reviled. Harleen states compose your name afterwards again. Sweeti is leaving. Sara states bhabhi block. Sit with Meher. You’ll compose my name f=on her hand.

She composes sarab’s name. Cart is distraught. SArab states for what reason are you being frantic. You’re our gem. In case it’s not too much problem grin for us. She grins. Meher sees her hand & cries.

Police is scanning for Kulwant’s house. rana is there. He calls Kulwant & states everything is here. They’re in search of everything. Sarab states would you say you’re alright? Kulwant states handle them. I’m coming there.

Harleen states is everything alright? She states somebody in my are slaughtered their own DIL. I’ve t go there. Sarpanj looks like a mom. I want to go.

Kulwant comes to Jagga & states accompany me. She states Amrita you bring meher & yuvi from here last mentioned.

Tara slaps Rana & states disclose to me where your mom is. She states you don’t have warrant. She states you don’t guide me. Manav had come here last time. his own sim is on your sister’s name & it has been dynamic here last time. Rana states you don’t have the foggiest idea who I’m.

Rana states I’m Sarab’s BIL. Meher is getting hitched to him. Tara states afterwards SArab must realize who’s he wedding. Kulwant beseeches him not to call. She states Meher’s personal life would be destroyed.

Tara calls Sarab & states Manav has been last time in your MIL’s house. SArab states I could’t hear you there is commotion. Tara states I could’t hear you. Kulwant states I beseech you please spare my little ladies personal life. I could never accomplish something like this. She swears on Rana’s head.

Kulwant states Meher named Manav. He had come here to bargain for my lady. He has been asking 50 lacs (or) he’d slander her. She asys where is manav in that point? Kulwant states he ran with the money. We gave him money & he left.

Tara states you tricked me by discuss bubbly your lady. Kulwant states I has been concerned in see of Meher’s wedding. It’d be ideal in case you comprehend. I beseech you. Tara leaves. Kulwant states what are you going to accomplish. Tara states you’ll really know shortly what am I going to accomplish.

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