Choti Sardarni 2nd September 2024 Episode Written Update: Kulwants Goes To Vikram’s Place

Scene 1
Vikram opens the door & states you? Kulwant states may I come in? He states citizens who hop in front windows are as of now requesting for permission? She comes in & serves the meal. He states what’s this drama? Kulwant states what have you written? In case meal is tasty, tell me. So I imagined let’s eat it here. Have you added further poison in it? Doesn’t issue, there’s so much poison in Kulwant Kaur that in case a snake bits me, he’d pass away.

Scene 2
Meem Singh imparts Aditi medicines. He states the ones you instructed to weaken Param’s mind. Aditi recalls Param informing he’s taking evil eye off her. Aditi states I has been doing a sin. He’s an innocent kid. He won’t be a sufferer of my revenge.

My issue is with Sarab & Harleen. Param calls her. He states when going to you come tomorrow? Aditi states why? Param states it’s Teej. Papa stated all my buas would come. So I named Aditi bua 1st. Aditi states I won’t be able to come, I’m busy. Param states mama, please inquire her to come.

Meher states you’ve to come. All of Sarab’s sisters are coming tomorrow. You’ve to fulfil your sister duties. Say something. Aditi states what must I? Just how going to I face you 2? I made a massive error. I don’t even deserve your pardon. Sarab states sisters don’t ever have to apologize.

I really know you didn’t accomplish it on purpose. He’s your fiance & he should have pressurized you. Adiit states no, I trust you. I only wanted Vikram to watch the reality & end this inquiry. Sarab states we really know your intentions. Please tell me you’d come. Aditi states I’ll.

Scene 3
Vikram states what’s all this? Some of the Manav sent you this why are you here? Kulwant states as in case you’re Vikram Dewan. Kulwant states you’re tall, young & alive. What accomplish you need? You watch in me, you follow me, you annoy my SIL.

You could’t fool me. You’re Manav. Vikram stands up & states as of now when you really know I’m Manav, that Manav who has been lost is back. Wonderful ji wonderful. Accomplish you remember what happened that night? That storm, that lightening.

She states I remember everything. There’s a camera there. Kulwant states you really know everything. She cries & states Manav, I gave you Two crores last time not to blackmail us. You fooled my daughter & leaked her private photos.

You attempted to derogate her. Please remove those pictures. You accepted after getting that amount. Forgive me please. He states what regarding back stab? Kulwant states you back-stabbed my daughter. Forgive her & let her go please.

Vikram is confused. He states in heart is she cunning (or) is that true? Kulwant states in heart in case he’s Manav, why is he silent on my lies?

Scene 4
Harleen gets the home decorated for the festival. She states decorate the swings with flowers. Where are they? They’d look so empty. Meher states we’ll decorate them.

Param & Meher made fraud flowers. Param states mama understood we wouldn’t be able to locate the flowers so we made them last night. Harleen states Meher, you solve all our issues. Meher states you gain prepared. I’ll handle this.

Harleen states is Sarab prepared? Meher states he’s upset. He’s informing, where is his own Guddi di today?

Sarab looks in Guddi’s picture & reads his own dad’s poem. Harleen hugs him. He states I got (1) you this gift.

He imparts her a diamond ring. Harleen states you’re the most precious diamond for me. Your smile & happiness is my diamond. Assure me you’ll distribute everything with me.

Kulwant states to Bitu & Rana, I felt first time, something is unfair. I stabbed that Manav. Just how is he listening to my fraud post? Bitu states so he isn’t Manav? Kulwant states he’s Manav. He either lost his own memory (or) he’s acting. We threw him within the river.

Rana states that’s even best. Bitu states what in case he gets his own memory back? Rana states yes? Kulwant slaps him & states you ruin everything. Amrita comes & states let’s go? Kulwant states did Jagga come? Amrita states he couldn’t.

Sarab states her brother would be shortly with her. She’ll have a sister like you. Harleen states I’m sure we’ll locate Guddi shortly. I identified the other clue.

her date of birth is 25th Sep. Guddi going to be with us shortly.

Vikram ties Aditi’s blouse. He states you look so beautiful. He sees the mark on her back. Aditi states when did you come?

He states just as of now. She states I’m going to Sarab’s home for the festival. Vikram states Mrs. Gill’s family (4) should be coming as well. She’s the other brother Jagga, I haven’t met him yet. I’ll gain to meet him today. Let me gain prepared.

Aditi states are you insane? You really know what happened. Things got (1) return to regular between & them.

What in case our relation got (1) worse? Vikram states what? Why accomplish I feel like you’ve some of the relation with this Gill family (4)?

Param states 3 swings for Mama, Bua & Aditi bua. Meher calls Jagga. He states I’m in a gathering. Meher states I wish you can come.

Vikram states you try to be up & close to them. Aditi states you’ve initiated doubting me with your CBI job. I’ve a social personal life too. Param calls me bua. They respect me a lot.

Accomplish you’ve a issue with them? Please don’t come there. She leaves.

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