Choti Sardarni 31st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vikram Gets Arrested In Dubai

Scene 1
MEher states Sarab is everything okay? Sarab logs in & states someone hacked my account(a/c). He sees the footage & Vikram is there. Meher states just how is he in Dubai(AE-DU)? Just how did he gain the card? Vikram states your game is over Sarab. Alarm begins blaring about Vikram. He looks about. Meher states what’s in this locker. Sarab is silent.

Policemen surround Vikram. He states officials relax. They inquire him to show ID card. He states I’m not a fake. I’m a CBI official form India(In). Please put your guns down. Here’s my ID.

Robbie requests Harleen what are you doing? She states trying to look for my sister. Sarab is quite busy. I’ve to locate Guddi. Harleen states I’ll locate her wherever she’s. Close (or) far.

Aditi states Param come here. She writes a letter & states give it to your mummy papa. He states okay. Aditi states bye & leaves. Officials in Dubai(AE-DU) call Sarab. They give the phone to Vikram. Sarab states appears to be you got (1) wings & made it to Dubai(AE-DU) so fast.

You imagined you’d take (2) our things from here & we won’t really know? Vikram states I.. Sarab states you did a favor on me by saving my son’s personal life. You can inquire me for this locker.

Vikram looks within the camera. He smiles & states you don’t gain things by getting anything. You’ve to inquire the thief silently. Sarab states theft? We’ll as of now really know I never did anything unfair. I never did a sin. Meher looks in Sarab. Sarab unlocks his own locker on-line. S

arab states the locker is open. It’s most prominent things of my personal life. You could see it with all your heart.

Vikram opens the locker. He takes out a red cloth. Some of the bangles are wrapped in it. Those are the bangles Meher gave to Sarab when they have been in Serbia Sarab gave Meher his own chain.

Meher recalls those moments. Sarab states nothing is extra precious than you to me. Vikram drops the bangles. Sarab shouts Vikram.. Block. Meher & Sarab are stunned. Meher is now in tears. Vikram picks them & wraps them again. He states I’m actually quite sorry. He locks it again.

Meher sits down & cries. Sarab states please don’t cry. He locked it again. Everything is fine. Meher states you kept it safe? Sarab states just how couldn’t I? Those have been your last symbol for me. That day has been so tough. I passed away each moment that night. I didn’t really know just how going to I live without you.

Meher states me too. Meher states I felt the same that day. I felt like my blood is being taken far from. Like fate taken everything from me again. I wanted to block you. Sarab states I also wanted to block you. Meher states why didn’t you? He states I made you a assure. Meher states you can break it. Sarab states I’d have in case you informed me.

Meher states you could’t say things all this time. Sarab states our relationship isn’t weak that a Vikram Dewan could shatter it. We’ve kept it powerful. Meher states this isn’t right what happened. These citizens utilized your innocence. She recalls requesting Aditi for Sarab’s phone. Meher states Aditi is engaged in all this. She gave your OTP to him from your phone. However why did she accomplish that? She’s to answer.

Scene 2
Meher comes to Param’s room & looks for Aditi. Param states she left & gave this letter for you.

Aditi states I won their own trust, everything is gone as of now. In Vikram’s mission, my revenge is ruined. He should have landed by as of now. I hope he identified something within the locker. Vikram calls her. Aditi states what did you locate within the locker? He states nothing. Only had Meher’s bangles. Aditi states are you severe?

He states yes the overall schedule failed. Sarab also got (1) to really know that I went there. He should have well-known we made this schedule together. Aditi states due to you my.. He states your what? Aditi states I’m a doctor, I’ve prestige. He states don’t worry. They won’t accomplish anything. You’ve finished favors on them. Just hope that this complaint isn’t taken back from me. There’s much left in this post.

Meher reads I’m sorry. Sarab states she stated sorry. Meher states she did it & afterwards stated sorry. Sarab states gain in her shoes. Vikram is her fiance. He should have pressurized her. Sarab states he won’t have stated sorry. Maybe she wanted Vikram to locate nothind & afterwards this complaint to end. Meher states no.

He could’t accomplish it alone. From dinner to everything this appears to be a schedule. Aditi has been engaged. However why? We discussed her family (4);. Sarab states so did she. She did so much for us. She saved you & Karan. She’s my sister. Vikram should have pressurized her. Meher states what Vikram did is unfair. Sarab states he has been doing his own work. Meher states his own way wasn’t right.

Meher states we’ll complain within the police. Sarab states no, that won’t accomplish anything. Vikram is a various person. We’ve to answer him in his own way. Meher states as in?

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