Choti Sardarni 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Choti Sardarni 6 November 2023 Written Episode, Read Today’s (6-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Choti Sardarni 6th November 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Meher Plays With Karan. She Looks In Him & Smiles.

She Recalls Just how Sarab Appreciated Them House. Harleen States Where Are You Going? Meher States Sarab Has been Missing Children So I Imagined I Must Take Karan.

Param Has A Class. Aditi & Seema Look In Karan’s Photos. Aditi States He Is So Cute. Seema States He Smils From Heart. Vikram States Great In the morning. Tea.

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Aditi States I Can Make It. He States Papa Utilized To Make It For Mom. So I Going to Make It For You & Mom As of now. Aditi States Appreciate You. Manav Sees Karan’s Photo. Vikram States Send Me Karan’s Photo? Aditi States Why.

He States I Going to Put It As My Phone’s Wallpapaer. Aditi States You & Karan Love Every Different. Vikram States He’s So Cute. Why Won’t Anybody Love Him. Seema States You Persons Must Also Schedule A Baby. Vikram States Karan Is My Child As Well.

I Mean Like My Child. Aditi Informs Manav That Sarab Has An Important Test Today. I Going to Go To {Hospital} To Meet Him. Vikram States You Going to Go To Meet Him? She States Ys.

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Sarab Does Exercise. He Hears Karan’s Smile & Turns Back. Sarba States Karan? Sarab Smiles & Turns Back To Watch Meher With Karan. He States My Baby Is Here. He Limps & Tries To Go To Them On His own Crutches.

The Doctor States Your Walk Is Best As of now. Sarab States My Personal life Is Here. He Informs Meher That I Recognized His own Voice. The Doctor Leaves. Meher Makes Him Sit Down On The Bench With Their own Baby. Sarab Holds Karan & Hugs Him.

Meher Is Emotional. Sarab States Papa Lost Karan, He Is My Love & Monkey.. No He Is My Lion. He Requests Regarding Param So Meher States He Had On-line Lessons. Sarab States Karan Going to Becomes Like Me Only When He Grows Up.

He Gratitude Meher For Bringing Him. He Requests Him To Sit Down With Him. Karan Tries To Talk To Sarab So Informs Meher That He Desires Us To Go On A Globe Trip When He Grows Up. Meher Recalls Manav Telling Her That He Going to Gain His own Baby Back.

Sarab States Meher Is Feeling Jealous That I Didn’t Give Her Love. He Makes Her Sit Beside Him & States Why Are You Crying? You Are My Lioness, What Happened? Meher Looks Far away & Folds Her Hands. She States I… Forgive Me, I Am Your Sinner.

She States You Are In This Condition Because Of Me, I Must Have Being Shot Instead Of You, I Had To Bear This Pain. Sarab States What Are You Informing? Meher States From I Had come Into Your Personal life, Everything Unfair Is Happening, We Shouldn’t Have Met.

We Shouldn’t Have Got Wedded As Afterwards You Would Have Being Okay. Sarab Smiles & Informs Her No. He States Don’t Cry. He States I Has been Just Residing Before You Had come Into My Personal life However You Have Given Me & My Son Love.

You Have Given Us Personal life & You Gave Me Karan Who Is My Largest Happen. He Informs Her That Me, You, Param & Karan Are Every Different’s Lives. Meher Maintains Crying So Sarab Requests What Happened.

She States He Going to Take Our Karan Far away. Sarab States Who? Who Going to Take Far away Our Baby? Meher Cries & States Manav. Kulwant States Manav Performed His own Game, He Desired His own Baby Back & Meher Shifted Back.

He Going to Play The other Trick However He Won’t Succeed, Meher Must Have Given Her Baby To Him To End All This However I Going to End This Drama As of now. Kulwant States Tell Me What Happened? Rana States We Went To Police Station.

They Have been Doing An Inquiry Of Manav’s Complaint. Sarab Inquired Them To. Kulwant States In case I Go To Jail I Going to Tell Everybody Vikram Is Manav. I Going to Sarab & Seema.

Meher States Vikram Dewan Is Manav. He Had Being Pretending To Be Vikram. Meher Cries. Sarab Holds Meher’s Hand. Meher Cries. Mehr States He Didn’t Really know Either. He Lost His own Memory As Well. He Recalled Everything On His own Wedding Day.

He Met Me In Serbia. Meher Informs Him Everything Manaav Stated In The Restaurant. Meher States It Has been Past That I Left Behind. I Am To That Meher. I Am A New Meher Who Is Born With You. I Don’t Even Need To Think Regarding That Past As of now.

I Desired To Tell You All This On Anniversary Night. Meher States I Couldn’t Gather Courage Due To You & Aditi. I Imagined I Going to Talk To Manav & Make Him Know I Am Not The Old Meher. Everything Has Turned. My Personal life Has Turned.

I Attempted To Influence Him. I Informed Him Sarab Is My Globe & God. I Imagined He Would Know & Be Great To Aditi. However He Went Insane. Sarab Recalls Manav Being Drunk & Requesting Sarab To Repatriate His own Love.

Meher States I Desired To Tell You Everything That Night However You Got Shot. When He Had come To Attack You That Night I Didn’t Really know What To Accomplish. The Manav I Understood Can Never Attack Anybody.

I Desired To Tell You After The Operation As Well However Doctors Stated In case You Have Any Pressure You Going to Have The other Attack. Meher Cries. Sarab Is Stunned. Meher States I Am Your & Aditi’s Sinner. Please Forgive Me.

Sarab States Sins Are When You Conceal Them. When You Look In The Eyes You’re Truthful. I Am Proud Of Your Trust, Your Confidence, Your Fact, You. When Did Manav Gain To Really know Regarding Karan? Meher States Last Night.

He Had come To Me & Inquired Me To Give Karan. I Stated No. He Stated He Going to Take Karan Back By Diwali. Sarab Looks In Karan. Meher States He’s Not Prepared To Listen To Anything. He Only Desires Karan. Sarab Holds Karan & Kisses His own Forehead.

Sarab States Karan Is My Personal life, My Son. He’s Only My Son. No 1 Could Take My Personal life From Me. & Like You Stated, What Happened With Manav Has been Unfair. I Feel Sympathy For Him As Well. However Karan.. No. I Am His own Dad. No 1 Could Even Look In Him Let Alone Taking Him From Me. Sarab Hugs Karan.

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First episode date: 1 July 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 269
Directed by: Jaladh. K. Sharma; Rajeev Srivastava; Prabhat Rawat
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

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Choti Sarrdaarni Cast:

  • Nimrit Ahluwalia – Meher Kaur Dhillon
  • Avinesh Rekhi – Sarabjit Singh Gill
  • Kevina Tak – Paramjit Singh Gill
  • Anita Raj – Gulwand
  • Amal Sherawat, Neelu Kohli, Dolly Minhas, Himanshu Sharma – Mr. Iyer, Geetika
  • Mehandru – Ginni

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