Choti Sardarni 6th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Meher and Manav together at the temple

Choti Sardarni sixth Aug 2020

Scene 1
Sarab states on call prepare the press conference, I don’t need to give Vikram any opportunity. Param states Aditi auntie why are you laughing? Aditi states I’ll tell you. Param states I really know a couplet, eat the sweets in case it’s within the plate & tell someone in case you love them. Sarab smiles. Meher states this isn’t something to laugh in.

Our children don’t say disgusting things like that. Meher states who informed you this Param? Param states Yuvi informed me this. Harleen states I really know Meher you’re busy with the baby however pay attention to Param as well. Our children don’t crack cheap jokes like this. Param states is love a bad word?

Sarab states no my son, love is the biggest word of all time. Love is the purest thing within the globe. Param states love that Meher mama does to me? Sarab states yes. Param states love that you accomplish to Meher mama?

Harleen leaves. Sarab is nervous. Param states just how much accomplish you love Meher mama? Aditi states tell him as of now.

Meher goes to the servant. Sarab states papa loves Meher mama this much, a little extra. Meher turns back. Sarab laughs. Aditi states you persons are so cute. Sarab states have tea with us. Aditi states some of the different day.

Scene 2
Kulwant states to Yuvi what did I teach you? He states that is not punishment. I’ll hit my friends & nothing would happen to me. Yuvi steps on the TV remote. Vikram Deewan is on the TV. Kulwant is stunned. Vikram states I really know I got (1) here a bit late. However I had come anyway. Kulwant recalls when Manav had come to meet her. She’s stunned.

Kulwant recalls killing him. Vikram states as of now when I’m here I’ll hold citizens responsible for past & present.

Vikram states I’ll open all this boxes. Citizens who imagined post is over, it just initiated. I’ll open up all this secrets. Kulwant is now in shock. Kulwant falls from that balcony within the hall.

Yuvi screams dadi.. Kulwant’s head bleeds. Everybody comes there & screams. Bitu stops her bleeding. Rana calls the doctor & they take (2) her to the hospital (3).

Bitu states please accomplish something. She’s bled a lot already. The ward boy states there have been no doctors here due to Coronavirus.

A nurse states I’m calling the doctor, take (2) her to the urgency room. Everybody is crying.

Scene 3
Tarkash states everything is prepared. Meher states are we going somewhere? Sarab states both of us. We’ve to take (2) Karan to the temple. Param states I’ll also go. Meher states you won’t go. Param states why won’t I go? Meher states because there is a epidemic going on.

We must only leave the home when it’s important. Harleen states however there’s a press conference. Sarab states it’s in 4, I’ll be back. Param states no I need to go. Meher states you’ve on-line lessons.

He states bua Meher mama isn’t taking me to the temple. Harleen states they’re taking Karan, they’ll take (2) you someday else. Param states I don’t like Karan. They don’t take (2) me anywhere as of now.

Aditi states I could’t like you Param. I just want those medicines. My mission going to be accomplished. MeemSingh informs Aditi Meher had an relationship with a person called Manav. Manav disappeared suddenly & afterwards Meher has been wedded to Sarab. Aditi states his own photo? MeemSingh states someone hid everything linked to him. Aditi states I need all information linked to Manav.

Scene 4
Tarkash states I’ll handle the media. you both go. Meher & Sarab come inside the temple. They pray together with Karan. Manav also comes there. He stands behind Meher. All 3 of them prostrate together. Manav looks in Karan & smiles.

He caresses Manav’s face. Meher’s eyes are closed. Manav looks in her. Meher & Sarab walk circles. Manav also moves behind them. They eat the parsad. Manav’s phone rings. Sarab looks back.

Manav’s wallet fallen. Sarab picks his own wallet & moves after him outdoor the temple. Sarab states excuse me, Sarab recalls gathering him for his own idea & sponsorship. Sarab states Manav, what a pleasant surprise. Where have been you? So great to watch you.