Choti Sardarni 9th October 2023 Written Update: Twist…

Today’s Written Update: Choti Sardarni 9th October 2023 Daily Serial Starts With Meher Picks The Scissor & States You. Meher States As of now I Going to Show You What A Servant Could Accomplish. Angel Runs To Her Room. She States What Are You Doing.

Meher States Open The Door. Sarab States Just how Did Meher Go Offline? Harleen States You Go See Her.

Stay tuned. Update in progress.

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We Going to Take (2) Param House. Angel States Mama Support. She Steps On Meher’s Meal With A Wheelchair. Meher States I Informed You To Let Me Talk To My Param.

I Won’t Leave You As of now. Angel Shouts Mama Safeguard Me. Meher Stops Her Wheelchair. Angel States What Are You Doing. Leave Me.

Meher States No 1 Going to Support You Today. Angel Screams Mom. Angel Stands Up In Fear. She Runs. Martha Comes. Angel Hugs Her. She States She Assaulted Me, She Wants To Murder Me. Martha States Yo Assaulted Angel? Yo Need To Murder Her?

Sarab Comes In. He Sees Blood On Meher’s Back. Sarab States Are You Okay? He Puts A Cloth On Her Back. Martha States Meher? Yo Liars. Yoy Frauds. You Hid Your Identity From Me.

1st This Meher Assaulted My Spouse & As of now My Daughter. As of now Watch What I Accomplish. Yo Crossed All Limits. Yo Assaulted My Child. Sarab States In Your Anger You Forgot She’s Standing On Her Ft. Martha Is Stunned. She Has Her. Maartha States, Angel?

You Could Walk. Look In Yo. She Cries & Hugs Her. Sarab States Appreciate God. Meher States As of now Both This Complaint & My Punishment Are On God. Sarab States Let’s Go.

Martha States Await. You Both Hid Your Identity. Mr. Sarab & Meher I Going to Take (2) You To Court. Meet Me In Court.

Scene 2
Vikram’s Lawyer Gets Him Bailed. He States Sir In case They Gain To Really know That You’re Here Without A Real Mission, They Going to Detain You Again & Our HQ (headquarters) Could Halt You.

Manav States It’s Okay, I Going to Work (5) In A Dhaba. His own Assistant Is Stunned. Manav States I Going to Take (2) Care Of It. Manav States I Am Coming Meher. I Utilized To Surprise You Always. I Am Coming To Meet You.

Scene 3
Harleen States I Has been So Scared. Kulwant States Param Sed To Come Racing To Me. Aditi States He Is Going Using PTSD. It Going to Take (2) Time To Gain Over It. Harleen States Meher Would Handle It All. Aditi States However We Have To As of now.

Harleen States We Have To Make Param Laugh. Kulwant States I Going to Accomplish That. Aditi States Leave It On Me.

Harleen States I Must Try. Kulwant States No It’s On Me. Aditi States We Must All Try Together. Amrita Sas I Really know Just how To Make Param Happy.

Everybody Comes To Param’s Room As Cartoons & Dance About Him.. Param Doesn’t Laugh. He Goes To Bed. Amrita Looks In.

Amrita Leaves Karan There. Param States Are Yo Mad In Your Param Bhai? I Left You Alone? Everybody Looks In Them From Outdoor.

Param States I Didn’t Leave You Outdoor. Harleen Ba Sent Me Far away From Me. Yuvi Informed Me You Are Crying So I Had come To You. I Has been Worried For You. An Uncle Kidnapped Me. He Hit Me As Well. Look In All These Scars.

That Lady Has been Gonna Cut My Finger. However Don’t Worry, I Going to Never Leave You. Meher Mama States Our Hearts Are 1.

He Hugs Karan. Meher Mama & Papa Going to Come In 1 2 Days. Did You Know? Karan Farts. Param Laughs. He States You Farted. Everybody Is In Tears.

Scene 4
Manav Runs On The Road With Meher’s Dupatta. Manav Bys Flowers For Her. He Dances With The Florist. Manav Bys A Ring.

He States We Resided Far away From Every Different For A Yr.. We Cried For A Yr.. I Going to Make Compensate For All Of It Today.

Manav Comes To The Home With Ring & Flowers. Manav States You Going to Be So Happy Seeing Me. The Watchman Stops Him.

He States I Need To Meet Meher. Watchman States This Is Martha’s Banglow. Vikram States You Gave The Paper To That Lady.

The Watchman States She Left. Manav States Where? He Informs The Holiday Inn. Manav States Sarab Left Y’day, What Is Meher Doing In The Restaurant?

Sarab Imparts Water To Meher. He States Calm Down. Meher States Just how Could I? Martha’s Heart Didn’t Melt.

What Going to Happen? I Could’t Live Without My Children. Sarab States & I Could’t Live Without You. Believe In God.

Have Faith, He Going to Accomplish Something For Us. Sarab Sent A Sorry Sms To Martha. He States I Hope Martha Heard It.

Sarab States Show Me Your Bruise. Is It Hurting? Meher Recalls Her Moments With Sarab. Meher Looks In Him. Meher States Nothing.

Manav Comes To The Reception. He States I Am Meher’s Friend. There’s A Surprise For Her. She Informs Him The Room.

Manav Goes Up. Sarab Imparts Meher Medicine. She Sleeps In His own Lap & States I Feel Best As of now. Manav Is In The Elevator. Sarab Caresses Meher’s Face.
No Precap.

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Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates:9th October 2023 / (09-10-2020)

First episode date: 1 July 2019
Production location: Mumbai, India
Number of episodes: 269
Directed by: Jaladh. K. Sharma; Rajeev Srivastava; Prabhat Rawat
Networks: Colors TV, Viacom 18

Episode Timings On TV:

All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Color: 7:30 pm (IST)
Colors HD: 7:30 pm (IST)
Colors HD: 12 am, 9:25 am, 11:30 am, 7:30 pm
Color: 12:05 am, 9:25 am, 11:30 am, 7:30 pm

Choti Sarrdaarni Cast:

  • Nimrit Ahluwalia – Meher Kaur Dhillon
  • Avinesh Rekhi – Sarabjit Singh Gill
  • Kevina Tak – Paramjit Singh Gill
  • Anita Raj – Gulwand
  • Amal Sherawat, Neelu Kohli, Dolly Minhas, Himanshu Sharma – Mr. Iyer, Geetika
  • Mehandru – Ginni

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