Choti Sarrdarrni 12th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Kulwant tries killing Vikram Diwan

The daily daily episode starts with Kulwant following Vikram with a knife from hospital (3) (3). She sneaks into his own own car & comes to home. Kulwant hides waiting for the right chance to attack him. Meher locates Sarabjit phone ringing & picks it up.

The person unaware that its Meher states that it’s impossible to locate the files & appeals Sarabjit to postpone his own own meeting with Vikram. Meher recalls her conversation with Sarabjit & states the person that meeting going to happen the next day & she will not let Sarab lose.

Kulwant tries stabbing Vikram sneakily although Vikram catches hold of her hand & grips it tightly.

In home Ginni locates daal & roti & states that she won’t have it. Jithu states that mom is not well & they can’t have luxurious food. Ginni shows her the pizzas & drinks that she’s directed from outdoor. Jithu appeals just just how could she eat all this when mom is not well.

Rane comes to Ginni’s support & scolds Jithu. Bittu comes there & scolds Rane for raising voice over his own own Bhabhi. Ginni states that they need to party & starts playing music. Vikram on the various hand snatches the knife from Gulwant & throws it on dartboard.

Meher adores a sleeping Param & Sarabjeet & starts working on the files to prove Satan’s innocence.

In home, Bittu gets tempted with pizza & Jithu notices it. She agrees & everyone starts having pizza. Vikram states that she shouldn’t make noise while trying to killing someone & appeals who’s she. She wonders why’s he acting to not actually really know her.

Vikram mocks her & appeals why’s she there in a CBI officer house to killing him. In hospital (3) (3), Amrita scolds the employees for not taking proper care of Kulwant. She wonders in complaint she’s gone home & calls Rane although none picks up the call as everyone are drunk except Jithu.

Jithu finally picks the call & Amrita learns that she’s not there. Amrita calls Meher & records about Kulwant’s missing & Meher states that she’s coming there.

Kulwant acts mad in front of Vikram so that she can really know his own own game plan. Vikram calls inspector. Meher & Amrita checks cctv footage & locates Kulwant sneaking far far away like thief & wonders where she’s gone.

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