Choti Sarrdarrni 14th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Harleen and Sarab finally reunite with Guddi

The daily episode begins with Seema telling Vikram that the reason behind Suraj requesting him to drop the complaint is that his own marriage is happening & today there is his own engagement. He drags him far away for the preparations. Suraj calls Raghav & requests him to transfer Vikram somewhere else. Raghav states that Vikram is his own best official. Suraj states that his own wedding is happening & requests him to accomplish as he stated. Raghav accepted.

On the different hand, Aditi takes a bag out from her suitcase & looks in a photo of hers with her parents. She states that her mom has been right & none could alter what’s in fate. She talks to her dad within the picture & states that his own son is 1 in a mln.

Vikram comes in Sarab’s home with his own family (4). Harleen appreciates them. Kulwant glares in Vikram & wishes for him to gain lost after marrying Aditi. Vikram sees her & moves towards her. He greets Kulwant who congratulates him.

Vikram gets a call & goes to participate it sitting on a sofa. A police official informs him that majority of hotels are closed due to COVID-19 however they’re trying to gain info & as shortly as they locate any, they’ll update him. Vikram cuts the call as Kulwant drops Manav’s picture near him. She sits near him & states that this is Manav who appears to be him & requests him to catch him shortly as he’s bothered her a lot. Vikram looks in the picture.

Just afterwards, Aditi comes there with Mehar & Harleen. Vikram stares in her. Kulwant goes to sit in a table with her family (4). Vikram forwards a hand toward Aditi who holds it. They smile in every different. Vikram moves her hair strand behind her hair. He states that she’s looking beautiful. She gratitude him & they sit together on sofa.

Harleen states that they’ve a tradition of gifting stuff reached by this bride to poverty-stricken citizens. Aditi touches some of the clothes that going to be distributed amongst needy citizens. Harleen states that extra are there nearby photos of their own grandfather & parents & requests Aditi to take (2) blessings & touch those clothes too. Aditi recalls the grandfather forbidding her & her mom from coming to Amritsar. She’s hesitant. The auspicious time for ceremony is regarding to come so Sarab requests Aditi to go to take (2) blessings. Aditi feels pain recalling just how her grandfather bashed her & her mom. Vikram nods in her.

Aditi gets up & moves towards the photos of Sarab’s parents. She takes blessings & grabs the stuff to give to the needy citizens. She looks in the grandfather’s picture & is irritated recalling just how he threw her & her mom out derogatory them by weighting her & amount & afterwards requesting them to gain the amount & leave. She begins having breathing issues.

Everybody rushes to Aditi. Mehar requests regarding her pump. Vikram states that it’s in Aditi’s car. Param recalls seeing the pump in Aditi’s suitcase & runs to go to gain it. Someone brings Aditi’s pump from car & Mehar imparts it to Aditi. She goes to gain water for Aditi as well.

Param takes Aditi’s bag that contains the pump & rushes towards Aditi however Yuvi bumps into him. He drops the bag. Param gets up & grabs the bag back racing far away however a picture that dropped from bag is left on floor.

Mehar locates the picture & is stunned to watch Guddi’s photo with her parents. She recalls Harleen demonstrating her the same photo. She states that it means that Guddi is about them. She requests a servant regarding the picture however he’s no idea regarding it.

Harleen requests Aditi to take (2) rest as she’ll give the gifts from grandfather’s side. Mehar comes & requests Sarab & Harleen to come out as she needs to talk with them. She takes them out of the hall & shows them the picture she identified. Harleen & Sarab are stunned. Sarab states that this photo has been in their own locker. Mehar states that it’s the other copy of the photo & there is something written behind. Sarab recognises his own dad’s handwriting. Mehar states that she identified it on the floor & she imagines that Guddi is there about them. Sarab states that the guests are all his own cousins.

Pandit informs Seema that auspicious time is coming & only fifteen minutes are left. They watch Sarab, Harleen & Mehar requesting citizens regarding the photo. Seema wonders what they’re doing.

Mehar imparts mic to Sarab & states that Guddi going to be able to full Papa ji’s uncomplete poetry. Sarab & Harleen talk on the mic & states that someone dear to them is there however she’s far away even although she’s close & the poetry is committed to her. They begin informing the poetry. Aditi feels emotional. Kulwant wonders what new drama is going on.

Vikram holds Aditi’s hand & requests her to gain up & tell everybody that she’s Guddi. Aditi cries. Vikram appeals her to look in Sarab & Harleen who’re yearning to locate Guddi. He requests her to fulfill their own wish & full the poetry as well however she shakes her head. He requests why she’s doing this as 1 day she’ll have to say the fact. He states that this is her home, her dad’s home & this is her family (4). He appeals her to tell them that she’s Guddi however Aditi looks down. Sarab & Harleen repeat the poetry. Aditi cries. Vikram leaves Aditi’s hand & gets up.

Pandit states that only fifteen minutes are left for an auspicious time to end. Sarab imparts up & requests him to begin arrangements for the ring ceremony. Suddenly they hear a voice informing the poetry. Lights turn off. Everybody looks about. Aditi begins informing the poetry. Harleen & Sarab gain teary-eyed. Mehar turns on the flashlight of her mobile from Guddi’s face is not visible. Everybody does the same & looks in Aditi who full the poetry & turns about. She moves ahead disclosing her face. Sarab & Harleen are stunned. They cry emotionally. They hug every different.

Aditi looks sideways in Vikram who smiles in her. She looks emotionally in Sarab & Harleen & run towards them. They rush to hug him too. Everybody is happy. Sarab hugs Aditi & afterwards Harleen hugs her too crying. Sarab looks in Mehar who hugs Aditi too.

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