Choti Sarrdarrni 16th September 2020 Episode Written Update: Meher receives a summon

The daily episode begins with Seema praying for everything to go well. Suraj ensures her that Vikram going to handle everything. Sarab goes to Meher & states that she looks cute in tension. Meher states that his own attention shouldn’t be on her however on Aditi & Vikram. Sarab replies that worries come in everybody’s lives however that doesn’t mean that 1 must block loving & praising his own spouse. Param comes & requests them to hurry up & see what’s happening inside. Kulwant wonders in case the 2 have initiated fighting. Everybody rushes inside.

They watch that Vikram is kneeling ahead of Aditi. Vikram requests Aditi to look in him. He accepts his own error & apologizes holding his own ears. He states that he’ll say “I’m sorry” to her whole his own personal life in in the morning, noon & in the evening. Aditi smiles. Vikram forwards a hand towards her & states that he actually loves her requesting her to marry him. Aditi imparts her hand to Vikram who’s regarding to kiss it when everybody begins clapping & the 2 look on.

Harleen hugs Aditi congratulating with her. Vikram requests Seema for the ring before Aditi gets upset with him again. Seema imparts him the ring & he makes Aditi wear it. Harleen requests Sarab for the ring. He imparts her 1 however it isn’t Vikram’s. She requests whose it’s. Sarab indicates Meher. Harleen smiles & requests him for the different ring. Sarab imparts it to Harleen who hands it over to Guddi.

Sarab requests to think before creating the ring wear because that finger has connection with heart & once 1 makes place there, it stays forever. Meher pulls his own leg informing that he’s speaking regarding this to a doctor. Everybody chuckles. Sarab whispers to Meher that none knows regarding love & heart best than him. Meher states that he didn’t ever tell her. Sarab snaps that she didn’t ever give him the opportunity. Meher requests what in case she imparts it.

Sarab states that, no issue in case she imparts opportunity (or) not, today he’ll tie relation with her heart in any cost. He takes ring & is regarding to make Meher wear it when she begins clapping as Aditi & Vikram’s ring ceremony is finished. Sarab takes back the ring.
Seema states that as of now they must make arrangements for haldi function after that sangeet & mehendi going to happen. Harleen recommends Seema not to bring lots of guests due to COVID-19. Seema agrees & requests them just how numerous guests going to be coming from their own side. Sarab jokes regarding it. Vikram & his own family (4) leave.
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